Do you want to know all about your Pregnancy Week 12 Symptoms, Baby Development, and Mother’s Activity? This article provides a complete guide, including do’s and don’ts for this week.

Fetal Development Week by Week During Pregnancy
Fetal Development Week by Week During Pregnancy

According to pregnancy week 12. Just like previous weeks, the 12th week of pregnancy is very important for the development of the fetus. Typically, between 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus almost doubles. During this time, all the organs of the baby are almost fully formed. Week 12 indicates that three months of pregnancy have passed, or more precisely, two months and three weeks have elapsed. And within two weeks, the second trimester of pregnancy is beginning.

Baby’s Growth at Pregnancy Week 12: What to Expect

By the 12th week of pregnancy, although the external structure of the baby’s organs is mostly complete, the full development of these organs and the initiation of their functions still require some time. From this point onwards, until the next 28 weeks, the fetus will continue to initiate its own tasks alongside the development of all its internal organs. The size of the fetus at this stage can be compared to a large plum. At this time, the fetus typically measures about 2.13 inches or 5.8 centimeters in length and weighs approximately 0.49 ounces or 14 grams.

As the Pregnancy Week 12 approaches, there are several changes in the normal development of the fetus’s organs. The head of the fetus is now proportionally about half the size of its entire body, and the time for the start of the functioning of the pituitary gland in its mouth may begin. The eyes come closer to each other and settle into their specific positions.

During this week, fetal heartbeat can be detected on a Doppler scan. The development of the fetal lungs continues, and at this time, it can begin to inhale and exhale a fluid through breathing movements. Various organs in the fetal abdomen, such as the spleen or spleen, intestines, and liver, begin to form during this time. From this point onwards, the fetal digestive system muscles may start contracting and relaxing. Through this contraction and relaxation, after birth, food can pass from its mouth to its stomach.

Until the 12th week of pregnancy, the space within the fetus’s abdomen is relatively limited, so its intestines and related organs extend to the umbilical cord. However, suddenly, these parts start moving to their designated positions.

During this time, the distant kidneys begin their function by producing urine, which is initially transformed into amniotic fluid and accumulates in the bladder. Reproductive organs of the fetus are mostly formed during this time. The fetus’s hands are now more proportional to the body, but the fingers are still relatively small. The fingers may start to separate, while the toes may continue to develop. Eyelids may flutter, and the fetus may make sucking motions with its lips. Hair of a grayish color may become visible on the fetus’s body at this time.

Additionally, hormone production from the thyroid and pancreas begins this week. The fetal bone marrow starts producing white blood cells, and the formation of the vocal cords begins. Features of the face become more distinct, resembling those of a human baby more clearly.

A pregnant woman in her pregnancy week 12
A pregnant woman in her pregnancy week 12

12 Week of Pregnancy: Common Physical Changes

At this time, the uterus takes on the shape of a large orange or lemon. From this week onwards, as the uterus expands towards the lower abdomen, some mothers may begin to feel the position of the uterus towards the lower part of the abdomen, possibly causing some discomfort. Due to this change in the position of the uterus, there may be a slight decrease in pressure from the blood above the bladder, which could reduce the frequency of urination problems.

During this Pregnancy Week 12, along with the mother’s abdomen, the breasts may also increase in size. Many mothers worry a lot about the size of their abdomen. However, it is not advisable to compare oneself with others in this matter. The size of the mother’s abdomen depends on many factors, such as hormone levels before pregnancy, which pregnancy this is, and the mother’s muscle tone, etc. This week may bring some good news. From this time onwards, the amount of HCG hormone in the mother’s body may decrease, as the placenta begins to produce progesterone hormone.

Symptoms of Week 12 of Pregnancy

Due to the decrease in HCG hormone levels, some symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or frequent urination may decrease over time. New symptoms may appear due to hormonal changes, while some existing symptoms may worsen. At this time, increased hormonal changes can lead to increased melanin production. Various types of pigment disorders may suddenly appear on the face and neck, such as dark patches or blotches. Some people refer to this as “mask of pregnancy” or “melasma.” It’s estimated that about 50% of pregnant women may be affected by these types of problems.

Forgetfulness, headaches, fatigue, hunger, thirst, stress, or lack of fresh air and exercise can also affect pregnant women. Headaches or their severity can be influenced. Safe exercises should be maintained during pregnancy. It can provide the strength to carry the extra weight of pregnancy and be very effective in relieving various pains. Adequate regular water intake is essential.

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