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Week 17 of pregnancy

Time flies pretty fast, so don’t be surprised that your calendar already has the 17th week of pregnancy on it. You have probably already fully felt your condition, because it is impossible to deny the dramatic changes with your own body. However, you are probably wondering what the baby is doing in your womb. We will try to tell you about the most striking changes with your body, as well as what stage of development the baby is at.

The 17th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

The most striking changes occur with the body position of the baby in the 17th week of pregnancy – gradually the body straightens, arms and legs lengthen. Also the fetus begins to open its fists more often, feeling the space around and itself, and may already be able to hold on to the umbilical cord.

Week 17 of pregnancy

There is fluff on the body, and there are also quite distinguishable eyebrows and eyelashes, but the eyelids remain covered. At this stage, the pregnant woman should carefully monitor her posture to avoid back pain, which provokes a change in the center of gravity in the baby’s body. But while the baby seems very thin, and his limbs disproportionate, but this will soon change – in this period begins an active build-up of muscle mass. The skin is still transparent enough to see through the veins.

By this point, almost all of the internal organs are already there. All systems continue to develop and become more complex. A system of nerve connections is formed around the heart, which are necessary for its autonomous operation. Also, the muscles of the lungs, which should open after the birth of the baby, are strengthening, but so far only muscle contractions (similar to the process of breathing in and out) are noticeable.

The sex of the baby can already be determined by ultrasound at 17 weeks of pregnancy. But the genital system continues its development. Boys’ testicles are still inside the body and have not come out, while girls’ ovaries already have a lifetime supply of eggs (about 3 million eggs).

Fetal size at the 17th week of pregnancy

The baby at the 17th week of pregnancy is about 23 centimeters tall and its weight is close to 300 grams. At this point, the fetus is in an active stage of growth, which is provided by the presence of fetal insulin, often called “growth hormone,” in its body.

17 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

Week 17 of pregnancy

At 17 obstetric weeks of pregnancy, you may become hot – this is the body’s reaction to a greater flow of blood. The increased activity of blood circulation arises from the baby’s need for more oxygen and nutrients to saturate its little body.

Dizziness and mild nausea may also occur – this is nothing to be afraid of, since your blood pressure is slightly elevated at this point. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to complain about tugging and painful sensations in the abdomen. This should also not be considered a threatening symptom, because this is how muscles and ligaments signal their tension.

Growing and changing its position the uterus at 17 weeks of pregnancy may hint at some pressure on the intra-abdominal organs and bladder. Because of the excessive pressure on your bladder you may go to the bathroom frequently – it is uncomfortable and sometimes problematic, but quite normal for your condition.

Week 17 of pregnancy

During this period, you may observe a rapid heartbeat, which is also associated with a more active circulation of blood in the body of the mother. However, most often the expectant mother does not feel any discomfort from this, because her body has already adjusted to work in the “maximum” mode. Due to the more active blood circulation, you may bleed gums or have nosebleeds, which can be eliminated by taking special complexes to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Pregnancy week 17 can bring you such an unpleasant symptom as vision problems. Most often, there is a deterioration in vision, which will lead you to the decision to visit an ophthalmologist – it is worth doing. However, after childbirth, as a rule, vision returns to normal, that is, to the state that was observed before childbirth.

Ultrasound at 17 weeks of pregnancy

No matter what results the screening showed in the first trimester, the second scheduled ultrasound examination may be scheduled at the beginning of the second trimester. An ultrasound in the 17th week of pregnancy is done not only to assess the degree of development of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, but also to determine a number of other parameters, namely:

  • Motor activity of the fetus;
  • Assessment of the correctness of the formation of organs, as well as limbs;
  • Measurement of fetal growth and a number of other parameters.

Of particular importance is the measurement of the placenta (fatal organ). The development of the placenta is very important because this organ is a barrier that protects the fetus from most harmful substances, but some are able to penetrate this protection.

What happens to a mom’s body during the 17th week of pregnancy?


Your breasts continue to grow at the same rate, but the rate has decreased slightly, and the process itself is not painful or uncomfortable. You may notice that swollen veins have appeared on your breasts and abdomen, which confirm a more active blood flow in your body.

Week 17 of pregnancy

Some pregnant women may develop varicose spider veins on their legs. Such a sign should not be missed, because later on it will cause a lot of unpleasant moments. If you are prone to skin pigmentation, you may notice brighter freckles and age spots on the body.

A nice change in the condition is thick and shiny hair. Such can be explained by the fact that the process of hair loss and subsequent growth has stopped for a while. But at the same time, many pregnant women complain about brittle and dull nails – this is a consequence of the fact that most of the calcium is absorbed by the fetus, as it actively strengthens the skeleton.

You may notice that weight gain. The rate of weight gain varies for everyone, but you should not aim to do it quickly. It is much better for your health and for the baby if you eat often, but a little at a time, choosing your products carefully.

The 17th week of pregnancy: what to look out for

Week 17 of pregnancy

During this period, you may notice discomfort in the groin area, under the breasts and in general on the body – this is the result of excessive blood flow, which increases the body temperature, and with this, the sweating increases. Therefore, you should pay special attention to your body hygiene. You should shower as often as possible. You should also change your underwear more often to feel clean.

You should not dwell on the sensations of your baby’s thrusts inside you, but you should try to fix it. Try to feel yourself as attentively as possible. To do this, you need to disconnect from worldly thoughts and other things in a state of peace, concentrate on your baby. However, if you do not feel a clear thrust, do not worry – all this is still ahead of you.

Monitor your emotional state. Some pregnant women notice that in the morning they are full of energy and a lot of ideas, while others feel almost physical need for more time to rest. This should not be considered something abnormal.

The 17th week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor


You may want to go to the bathroom more often because of this, but some pregnant women have a lot of problems with it. In order not to get lost in the guesswork, it is worth consulting the doctor who sees you. Problems with urination and stagnant urine can indicate urolithiasis, in the treatment of which promptness is important.

Week 17 of pregnancy

If you feel pain in the lower abdomen, radiating to the lower back, you should definitely consult a gynecologist and ask about the possible causes. You may need to undergo additional examinations to determine the cause.

The 17th week of pregnancy may bring such an unpleasant symptom as hemorrhoids into your life. If you are experiencing severe pain in the anus area, it is worth consulting your doctor about the treatment of hemorrhoids. You may need to use a special suppository or ointment to help you cope with the pain.

Weight gain is the norm for pregnant women, but there are limits. If you have noticed a strong increase in your weight, ask your doctor. A specialist will certainly confirm your fears, because rapid weight gain is very harmful not only for the woman, but also for the fetus. Perhaps with his help, it will be possible to adjust your eating habits.

The 17th week of pregnancy: tips

The 17th week of pregnancy is going on, the abdomen is growing, the muscles continue to stretch – this can give you some discomfort and even pain. During this period, it is very important to protect yourself from excessive strain on your back. For example, if you need to lift something, try to transfer the main weight to your legs.

Week 17 of pregnancy

Remember that you can not get out of bed quickly, or even from a chair. Sudden movements can provoke a pressure drop, so you may feel dizzy or loss of balance. Many pregnant women are already beginning to wear special supportive underwear – high shorts, very elastic T-shirts or bodysuits. Also, in some cases, special gymnastic complexes and a system of correct breathing help.

In order not to disturb the 17 weeks of pregnancy belly problems feeling of heaviness or bloating, try to eat light and nutritious food. If you want to eat at night, you should not refuse, but prefer only a light meal – vegetable salad, kefir, cookies with tea and so on. It is especially worth to lay on products rich in calcium, as during this period the fetus’s bones are strengthened.

Remember that you now have a connection with your baby not only through the umbilical cord, but also through emotional channels. Because of this, it is important to learn how to communicate with your baby before he or she even arrives. You can start not only talking to him, but also listen to music together or read books aloud to your baby.

Week 17 of pregnancy: questions and answers

Week 17 of pregnancy

Expectant mothers always worry about their situation, so they try to learn as much information as possible about their condition. Because of this, a lot of questions arise in their head, for which they really want to find answers.

Some of these questions are answered by experienced doctors and consultants. Others are answered by friends and relatives due to their life experience. But we’re going to answer a few questions about the 17th week of pregnancy right now.

17 weeks of pregnancy – how many months?

The term at 17 weeks is the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy. By trimester, this term refers to the second.

What should the abdomen be like at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

There are no strict norms about the size and shape of the abdomen at 17 weeks of pregnancy, because everyone has a different body constitution and body features. However, some roundness by this term should definitely be present, as the baby is quite large and the amniotic fluid is getting bigger.

Where is the uterus at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

At this term, the uterus continues to ascend upward toward the umbilicus. It now occupies a position about midway between the pubic bone and the umbilicus. Skinny pregnant women can palpate the uterus on their own.

What does a mother feel at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

Besides the great joy of knowing that your own baby is developing inside your womb, there will be other purely physical sensations. There may be mild pains in the lower back and abdomen, which indicates the stretching of ligaments and muscles, there may be occasional nausea and dizziness – all this is part of the understanding of the norm. But it should be noted that the sensations of pregnant women at this stage are always different due to the individuality of physiology.

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