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34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom’s feelings, photos

At 34 weeks’ gestation, you probably feel very pregnant already, which is normal. However, you should not relax yet, because your gestational age is not yet over. In order for you to understand how much longer you can carry your baby, it is worth understanding the methods for calculating gestational age. The doctor calculates the obstetric term, which is deducted from the first day of the last menstrual period, and there is also the embryonic term, which is the term from the moment of blastocyst formation.

However, let’s not talk about this, but rather talk about what happens to the mommy and baby at this term.

34th week of pregnancy: how is the baby developing?

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The fetus in the 34th week of pregnancy changes the amplitude of its movements, because it feels the tightness of the fetal membrane. Because of this, the tremors are felt less frequently, but more clearly. Mommy may now notice that the baby is adjusting to her routine – during the day the baby may push, roll over, stretch, and be mostly at rest at night.

The skin gradually becomes more dense and pink, and underneath it, a layer of fat is formed. This makes the baby’s limbs and torso become denser and fatter. For this process to go smoothly and as it should, mommy should consume the necessary amount of nutrients.

The eyes are already responding to the change of light and shadows inside the mother’s womb. It is worth noting that while the color of the eyes may be very light, because the melanin in the body may not be enough, but this situation will change in the first year or two of life.

If a woman is expecting a boy, the testicles will descend into the scrotum at about this stage. Otherwise, all organs and systems continue to work, and the center of the nervous system of the brain continues to complicate its structure.

Fetal size at 34 weeks of pregnancy

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The size of the fetus in the 34th week of pregnancy can no longer be called tiny, as the growth rate is already about 45 centimeters. It is worth noting that the size of the fetus depends on a large number of factors, including heredity.

The baby’s weight at 34 weeks of pregnancy already exceeds 2 kilograms. However, there are also a lot of factors that affect the development of the baby. It is worth noting that the rate of weight gain inside the mother’s womb is quite significant – on average, up to 450 grams per week.

34 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

Feelings of a woman at 34 weeks of pregnancy can not be called excellent, if you are lucky, then the feeling will be tolerable. If we talk in more detail, it is worth highlighting such moments:

  • Pain in the lumbar area, back and lower abdomen. By this date, the abdomen is already quite large, which provokes a significant stretching of the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus. There is also palpable discomfort from the movements of the fetus, which pushes hard and changes position, creating excessive pressure on the intra-abdominal organs;
  • Heaviness in the abdomen, heartburn – this is also due to increased intra-abdominal pressure. In general, the pregnant woman gets used to these sensations, because she feels them not the first week. Avoiding discomfort is helped by a proper diet, gymnastics and careful movement;
  • Nausea may return at 34 weeks of pregnancy, which is now very difficult to tolerate. A pregnant woman may at this term become very sick, up to and including loss of consciousness, which threatens a very palpable danger to the fetus being carried;
  • Shortness of breath – a woman may feel that she is short of breath. Such feelings occur when performing certain movements with considerable physical effort (for example, climbing stairs). It is reasonable in this juice to reduce the motor activity to a minimum. However, do not give up walking in the fresh air, because the baby needs oxygen.

Ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy

An ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy helps to establish almost 100% of the exact date of delivery – this will surely be great news for parents. It is worth noting that the third mandatory screening may have been performed earlier. The date of this ultrasound study determines the doctor, taking into account all the features of the course of pregnancy.

Mandatory ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to the date of delivery, helps to establish the peculiarities of fetal development and identify various problems. The specialist also examines the placenta and cervical area.

What happens to a mom’s body in the 34th week of pregnancy?

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The abdomen at 34 weeks of pregnancy is a very noticeable circumference on a pregnant woman’s body. You may feel that your figure at this time is like a balloon, but much heavier in weight. An enlarged belly can significantly change your gait, which now seems to sway because of the shifted center of gravity of the body. Also, such a burden affects a woman’s skeleton as a whole and the spine in particular suffers.

Breasts may also grow, but the rate of this growth is greatly reduced. In addition, the breasts become denser tactilely and heavier, because your mammary glands are actively forming milk, as the lactation period is not far off.

Another usual companion of pregnancy is swelling. Swelling of the feet and knees probably bothered you a couple of weeks ago. At this term, this symptom did not go anywhere. As a rule, the discomfort of swelling increases. In addition, you will feel that the swelling has spread to the whole body. You may indeed notice that the jewelry on your hands has become tight, and your face has acquired an unhealthy puffy look.

The 34th week of pregnancy: peculiarities

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

If we talk about the 34th obstetric week of pregnancy, it is worth noting that you may feel some loss of appetite. Such a phenomenon is quite normal, because at this term you feel excessive pressure on the internal organs, which also affects the digestive organs and this prevents normal eating. However, it is important for you to continue to eat right – in small portions several times a day, choosing your food carefully, which should be both light and nutritious.

The growth rate of your uterus at 34 weeks of pregnancy has somewhat subsided. However, discomfort is still present. Some changes have also affected the placenta, which at this term reaches the second degree of maturity. If up to this point the placenta’s permeability has increased, then the thirty-fourth week this indicator falls, which is quite natural.

It is worth noting that there is a possibility of premature birth at 34 weeks of pregnancy (ultrasound should show such a possibility). A woman may feel some excitement about this moment. However, the baby by this date has a very high chance of survival and further normal development. The newborn is born by Caesarean section, so it needs a long professional care.

The 34th week of pregnancy can be marked by some psychological changes. You and others may notice that you have become more irritable, outwardly depressed and anxious – this is normal, because childbirth is a serious stress, and waiting gives birth to a lot of fear and anxiety. You should not panic, but rather talk to your loved ones about pleasant distractions. If, however, the stress is very strong, then you should resort to professional help.

34th week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

If you have returned to you toxicosis in the 34th week of pregnancy, then you should not delay, and it is better to consult with your specialist. Many obstetricians believe that late toxicosis is incredibly dangerous to the health of a woman and her baby – this is absolutely true. Manifestation of toxicity in the late term is much more difficult to endure than in the early, and its symptoms are unpredictable. It is impossible to avoid this phenomenon, but it is possible to reduce the aggressiveness of the manifestation of symptoms, if you react in time.

You should definitely consult a doctor if you are experiencing severe pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. You should not use pain pills without the permission of a specialist. Your doctor may recommend a course of special massage or suggest that you use a special supportive underwear or bandage, which will significantly reduce the discomfort in the body.

If you have an ultrasound scan at 34 weeks of pregnancy, ask your doctor to explain the results to you. You should know when you are expected to give birth, if there are any complications and so on.

34th week of pregnancy: tips

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The baby in the 34th week of pregnancy is making itself felt more and more, which is very tangible to you – this is a good thing. However, there is some heaviness and difficulty in moving around, but you should get used to it, because such symptoms cannot be avoided. This does, however, impose some adjustments on your daily routine.

You are probably on maternity leave now – it’s a chance to take care of yourself and actually prepare for future motherhood. Leave all the heavy tasks (e.g. moving furniture) to other people, and take care of the most important things – command and enjoy the moments when nothing disturbs you.

Try not to break the habit of taking regular walks and breathing air. However, in view of the frequent urge to urinate, you will have to reduce the length and distance of your walks. If you have a balcony, go out there more often and breathe air. Do not be lazy to ventilate the room, especially before going to bed.

34 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

What month is the 34th week of pregnancy?

In calculating the fetal term, the 34th week is the ninth month from conception, which will last until the 36th week, when the fetus is considered to be fully fetal. The gestational ninth month will last from the 37th week to the 40th week.

What does the fetus look like at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

The baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy already has an appearance that is almost identical to that of a newborn. Body proportions are quite normal, the skin becomes more pink, and the organs and systems are actively working almost normally.

34 weeks of pregnancy – how often should the baby move?

At this stage, it is difficult for you not to notice the tremors of your baby, because it has become quite cramped inside the fetal egg. Regarding the frequency of tremors, on average you can feel from 15 tremors per hour. But do not worry if you do not feel the baby’s movements for a few hours – it may be sleeping and growing at that moment.

What should I be afraid of at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

The main risk is the possibility of premature birth. You should not miss routine check-ups with your doctor, who may be able to find treatments to prolong your pregnancy. You should still be wary of food poisoning, colds and viruses.

Is it possible to give birth to a healthy baby at 34 weeks?

Delivering a baby at this term is quite realistic. And the newborn by 34 weeks of pregnancy is quite viable and may even be healthy. However, it is worth noting that the baby appears during a cesarean section operation, and the baby requires professional care and constant monitoring.

34 weeks of pregnancy – why does the lower abdomen hurt like when you get your period?

Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen is not uncommon during pregnancy. However, you should note its strength and periodicity. Sometimes such symptoms indicate a lack of magnesium in the body of a pregnant woman.

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