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33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

You are about to have a long-awaited baby, whom you will be able to cuddle and admire very soon. However, all the trials you have already gone through are a necessity and a feature of the birth of a new life. It is already 33 weeks of pregnancy on the calendar, which means that it is not time for you to relax.

33rd week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The fetus at 33 weeks of pregnancy already has all the external features that are characteristic of a newborn, which indicates that it will be born soon. All internal organs and systems are functioning almost in normal mode.

Body proportions have also already acquired the necessary ratio, so you will not be able to call the fetus almost an alien. The baby is active in every way and makes himself known. It is worth noting that he is actively moving mainly in the daytime, when he feels the movement of the mother, her voice, and other stimuli. Regarding the position, as a rule, the fetus is already in the right position, that is, with its head towards the cervix.

The baby at 33 weeks of pregnancy is very active, but at the same time it is more difficult for him to move, because the space in the amniotic sac is shrinking. Pushes and kicks are felt more clearly, which can not fail to please the mother. It is also worth noting that mommy can tell when the baby hiccups, turns over, and reacts to stimuli in any way.

Fetal size in the 33rd week of pregnancy

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

It is impossible to say that the size of the fetus at 33 weeks of pregnancy in every case should be certain – much depends on the individual rate of development and heredity. Regarding the growth of the baby, it can be noted that the figure varies, as the ultrasound may show 37, 40 centimeters or even more.

The baby’s weight at 33 weeks of pregnancy has already exceeded 1.5 kilograms. More precisely, the weight indicator may be 2.0-2.1 kg. On average, the baby should add about 450 grams per week, and the lack or excess weight is equally undesirable, because it speaks of serious pathologies.

33 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

You can not say that at 33 weeks of pregnancy, a woman in the position can not say that her well-being is excellent. Mostly all sensations are quite tolerable, but sometimes it can be difficult to move, sit and even just breathe. If we talk about the sensations in more detail, the following symptoms can be noted:

  • Pain in the back and lower abdomen. Painful sensations are not new to a woman at this stage of pregnancy. The pain occurs due to the constant stretching of ligaments and muscles that support the uterus. These sensations may recur periodically, mainly during significant physical exertion;
  • Shortness of breath, which occurs due to moving or similar physical exertion. This sensation is caused by excessive pressure of the uterus, which presses on the intra-abdominal organs. It is impossible to eliminate such a symptom, but it is possible to move in a more measured, careful and slow manner;
  • Itching in the chest and abdomen. A woman may feel some discomfort on the skin all over the body – this can be explained by the fact that the skin is stretched due to weight gain, growth of the abdomen and breasts. To somewhat reduce the discomfort, it is worth to regularly lubricate the skin with moisturizing creams;
  • Heaviness in the abdominal area. This sensation can occur not only due to overeating, then in the wrong position during rest and sleep;
  • Digestive problems. In addition to the fact that a pregnant woman frequently goes to the bathroom, problems with defecation (that is, constipation) may occur. It may be relatively easy to cope with this – you just need to try to eat on time and correctly.

Ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy

You may be appointed ultrasound in 33 weeks of pregnancy, which is the third mandatory screening. Additionally the doctor may prescribe a number of other tests and examinations that are necessary to determine the characteristics of the course of pregnancy.

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

Ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy will help with a high degree of accuracy to determine the date of delivery. In addition, the specialist evaluates the size of the fetus, the level of its development and so on. Also, the condition of the placenta, cervix and a number of other parameters are necessarily evaluated.

What happens to a mother’s body in the 33rd week of pregnancy?

The most noticeable thing for you now is your belly, which at 33 weeks of pregnancy causes a lot of discomfort for a woman. One side of discomfort is that everything from the occasional rubbing of shoes to rubber bands on your underwear will get in the way. But there is a more substantial and problematic discomfort, and it is associated with difficulties during movement, sitting and other body movements.

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

Because of the active circulation of fluids in the body, pregnant women may have the problem of edema. Predominantly swollen hands and feet, but on the face may also appear some puffiness, so you should increase the frequency of procedures with cold water – several times during the day refresh your face, hands and feet with cool water.

Your breasts may still be enlarging, as you need to breastfeed your baby very soon. The growth rate of your breasts is somewhat lower than it was in the early periods. You may notice clearly visible veins and stretch marks on your breasts and cleavage area. However, there are stretch marks not only on the breasts, but also on the abdomen and in the thighs.

33rd week of pregnancy: features

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

Growing belly at 33 weeks of pregnancy seems very heavy, although it does not seem to you, because it is. You may find it very difficult to move around, sit and perform a number of simple tasks. For example, getting a pedicure or tying your sneakers will be very difficult for you. However, at this stage it will be very difficult for you to perceive your body, even considering that the appearance of a pregnant woman is always admired.

Such a critical attitude towards your body and appearance is quite normal. However, you should not be too sad or deep in these worries, because everything will be over very soon. But in order to change your size a little, wear the right clothes.

It is not unreasonable to note that there may already be a newborn – 33 weeks of pregnancy enters a dangerous period when there is a risk of premature birth. However, the percentage of such births in the total number is no more than 18%. You have no legitimate reason to worry, unless your doctor has informed you about it.

By the way, toxicosis may come back to you at 33 weeks of pregnancy. However, late toxicosis is considered very dangerous and very difficult to bear. In addition to nausea and vomiting, bouts of dizziness and fainting may occur. This can be avoided if you follow the recommendations of your specialist.

It is also worth noting that you may have a decreased libido at this stage. Most often, a decrease in sexual desire for a partner is an expression of fear that sex may harm the baby, which is in close proximity to the cervix. However, you have no reason to refuse sex, unless there is a reason confirmed by the doctor in charge of your pregnancy.

You should not forget about the frequent false contractions. You can not say that they do not give you much discomfort, but they come to you in the most unexpected moments. The most common causes of such phenomena are excessive strain and nervous tension.

33rd week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The uterus at 33 weeks of pregnancy causes a lot of discomfort and even pain – how to deal with it. If you have such a problem, it is worth checking with your doctor what you can do in this case. You may be recommended by a specialist to wear a special bandage or undergo a course of light massage, which is perfectly safe.

What to do if you have a problem of urinary incontinence – this question is also worth asking a specialist at the next scheduled appointment. Such a problem is not considered uncommon, but it is possible to cope with it. Previously, you could help regular Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles of the intimate areas. But as a kind of insurance, you should wear special underwear for travel or long hikes.

33rd week of pregnancy: tips

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The 33rd obstetric week of pregnancy is still a period when it is very important to stick to routines in all aspects of life. You need to plan your day carefully. As a rule, you are already on maternity leave, so a lot of time is freed up, which you should spend with maximum benefit. We suggest finding things to do during the day:

  • Explore interesting information about future motherhood and parenting. This information can be found on topical sites, in books or on courses (there are online courses);
  • Revise your own things – probably some clothes and shoes you will no longer wear after giving birth. In addition, such a ritual will help you smoothly enter a new stage of life, getting rid of everything unnecessary;
  • Walk more often, because fresh air is very useful for you. Remember during your walks that you should be very attentive and not rush when walking;
  • Get all the things you will need for your trip to the hospital, as you should be fully prepared.

In addition to these worldly things, remember – you need to eat right. Food should not be heavy, fatty or of poor quality. You should eat at least 5 times a day, and the portions should not be large, although you will want to eat for two. You need to eat a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the usual tea should be replaced by decoctions of herbs or fruits.

The 33rd week of pregnancy – it is a great time to start preparing your home to welcome a new occupant. As a rule, you have already prepared the most necessary things and items. However, do not overstretch yourself in this process, because this work should bring you pleasure. It is also useful to involve your partner in these preparations – this is an occasion to get closer.

33 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

33 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

In most cases and a significant number of questions will be answered by an ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy. Other questions will be answered by a good acquaintance and a specialist who supervises your pregnancy. And some questions will be answered right now.

33 weeks of pregnancy – what month is it?

Week 33 opens the 9th month of pregnancy, which is part of the final third trimester. However, it is worth noting that this calculation is characteristic of the obstetric term, which is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period.

What does the fetus look like at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

The fetus at this term has already acquired all the features that a baby should have. The skin becomes more pink and dense, the bones are strong, facial expressions are developed, and in general the body along with the internal organs are more perfect than it was a couple of weeks ago.

33 weeks of pregnancy – how often should the baby move?

The baby at 33 weeks of pregnancy feels some tightness in the womb, so the movements can be felt more clearly and often. On average during the day (daylight hours) you may feel 10-15 tremors per hour. In total, your baby is doing about 600 movements per day at this time of pregnancy.

Is it possible to give birth at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

Statistics of premature births at this stage of pregnancy show that the birth rate is less than 18% of all births. So you should not get too excited.

What should I be worried about at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

The main critical period is over (28-32 weeks), but you should still be very careful about how you feel, your regimen, and so on. There is still some possibility of premature birth, but your doctor will certainly warn you about it.

How do I count the weeks of pregnancy by months?

It is clear that a month of pregnancy is a period of 4 weeks. The gestational age itself can be fetal or obstetric. Most commonly, the obstetric term, which is counted from the first day of your last menstrual period, is taken into account.

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