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32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom’s sensations, ultrasound

Not so long ago you were rejoicing at your baby’s first thrusts, and now it’s week 32 on the calendar. Now more than ever, you need the care and attention of your loved ones. Do not forget that at this stage you should not forget about the responsibility for your child, who is actively preparing to be born.

32nd week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

The fetus in the 32nd week of pregnancy is no longer an almost alien creature, as it was in the earlier terms. Externally, its features already have a lot in common with the standard appearance of a newborn. But so far, metamorphosis is still going on.

The baby is actively gaining weight, due to which changes in skin tone and body shape. The downy hair disappears, and it may grow on the head. The baby in the 32nd week of pregnancy is still exploring his surroundings, which have become noticeably narrower. Regarding the position, he is predominantly head down.

The baby’s internal organs and systems at 32 weeks of pregnancy are well developed, and most are working in their normal mode. The fetus is trying to breathe, but breathing still depends on the mother’s body and is connected with the umbilical cord. The baby can already hear, see (if the play of shadows inside can be considered a distinguishable picture), the brain continues to improve.

Fetal size at 32 weeks of pregnancy

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

Fetal size at 32 weeks of pregnancy can vary from case to case. For example, if there are two or more fetuses, their size will be much smaller than in the case of a single pregnancy. However, it should be noted that not low growth and weight in the case of multiple pregnancy does not interfere with the normal development and functioning of all systems and internal organs of the babies.

The growth of the fetus by this term can reach 45 centimeters, but it is worth remembering that much depends on heredity and the rate of development of the baby. The baby’s weight at 32 weeks of pregnancy should be at least 1600 grams. Possible figures of 1800-1900 grams. The weight figure also depends a lot on the individual rate of development and heredity.

32 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

In the 32nd week of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s sensations can vary greatly – at times everything is fine and there is no discomfort, but sometimes you feel a lot of fatigue, pain and all-out tension. Both physical and psychological sensations change, which can significantly fatigue and complicate this period.

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

If we talk about specific symptomatology, the following can be noted:

  • Pain in the back and abdomen – this occurs due to the increasingly stretched muscles that support the uterus. In addition, pressure on the internal organs and diaphragm can also provide significant discomfort;
  • Digestive problems – these are constipation, a feeling of heaviness, heartburn. Such symptoms also occur due to excessive pressure on the internal organs, as well as changes in the body as a whole due to pregnancy;
  • Nausea may return in 32 weeks of pregnancy. Especially those women who have not experienced toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy are susceptible to this. However, it is worth understanding that nausea and vomiting may not be a sign of late toxicity, but talk about food poisoning, which is extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman;
  • General fatigue and irritability – this is a consequence of excessive emotional stress, which occurs against a background of fears for the life and health of the baby. There is no way to say that this can not be avoided. The psychological state depends on many factors that can be corrected by leading a healthy lifestyle, communicating with nice and dear people and trying not to panic without a sufficiently strong reason;
  • Frequent urge to urinate – to this, as a rule, every pregnant woman to this term gets used to. It is impossible to avoid such a symptom, so you have to plan your trips so as to be able to visit the restroom in time.

Ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

Along with a number of other tests and examinations, your doctor may prescribe an ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy – this will be the third mandatory screening. However, this study may be scheduled for an earlier date.

An ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy is performed to establish the parameters of fetal development. All fetal measurements are performed automatically and processed by a program. In addition, a specialist evaluates the condition of the placenta and cervix. A number of other indicators may also be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What happens to a mother’s body during the 32nd week of pregnancy?

The abdomen in the 32nd week of pregnancy seems immense to a woman, even if her size can be called miniature. This important burden turns out to be very heavy – it changes the woman’s gait, she gets tired faster, and she breathes louder and noticeably harder. The right thing to do is to take frequent breaks, move more slowly and carefully.

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

Changes in body and weight provoke swelling, which also causes a lot of difficulties. But now a pregnant woman may feel like she has swelling all over her body, including her face – it really may be. And also add to this stretch marks, which are located mainly on the breasts (it continues to grow, but at a less rapid pace), hips and abdomen.

Undoubtedly you will like to understand that inside you a child is growing, moving and developing in every way. You will now be able to observe changes in the shape of your abdomen, as you will notice how the baby is turning and showing all the skills it has learned in previous months.

32nd week of pregnancy: features

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

The 32nd week of pregnancy cannot be called an easy term for most women expecting a baby. With a pregnant woman for another couple of months there will be a feeling of considerable gravity, which shifted the center of gravity of the body – this provides fatigue, difficulty in moving and many other “bonuses”.

At this term, there is already a certain level of probability of premature birth. However, it is worth noting that the baby by this time has quite a lot of chances to survive and continue to develop normally afterwards. But there are some nuances, which concern the need for long-term rehabilitation for the mother and professional care for the newborn.

At this term, you may experience fading sexual desire – this may be due to excitement about your baby’s life and health. If you do not want to harm your baby, it is worth talking to your partner as well as your doctor. But you may, on the contrary, feel the need for intimacy with your partner. If there are no significant contraindications for sex, you should not refuse either.

32nd week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

Abdominal pain in the 32nd week of pregnancy – is it dangerous? If you feel painful attacks in the abdomen and back, it is not always an indication of danger. Tension of the ligaments that support the uterus at 32 weeks of pregnancy can still stretch, which signals certain discomfort. You should only be wary of such pains that remain with you for a long time, are characterized by constancy or are accompanied by atypical vaginal discharge.

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

If an ultrasound scan in the 32nd week of pregnancy shows that your baby is downside down, and this worries you, it is worth checking with your doctor. Most likely he will tell you that there is no serious cause for concern, because there are 2 months, and it can turn over safely and independently during this time. However, your specialist can tell you what exercises to do so that the fetus turns over.

Regarding the position of the baby, many doctors say that by this date the fetus should have moved and taken the correct position. If this has not happened to you yet, you still have time, but you should not refuse the doctor’s advice. There are cases when the baby does not want to lie down correctly, then the only solution is to use a cesarean section.

Toxicosis at 32 weeks of pregnancy – this can happen to any pregnant woman at a late term. Experts say that such symptoms at this term is extremely undesirable, but you can not avoid it, but you can do everything to make the toxicosis go more mildly. You should consult your doctor about this point. If there are no contraindications and the baby is in the right position, sex will not hurt and will not cause premature birth.

32nd week of pregnancy: tips

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

It is worth noting that the 32nd obstetric week of pregnancy is the right time to actively engage in self-education as an expectant mother. You should definitely find time to read relevant literature, communicate with moms on a forum or study courses. Courses for expectant mothers will be very helpful, especially if you are expecting your first child.

Also remember to eat a healthy diet – it is still very important. It is not recommended for you to overeat, because this can cause a heavy stomach and bring all kinds of discomfort. And do not forget that you need to drink plenty of water, and replace your favorite teas with herbal decoctions and fruit.

If at this stage you are worried about fears or unwarranted anxiety, it is extremely dangerous to experience it all by yourself – ask for help from loved ones, and in extreme cases, ask for professional help from a specialist. However, you will be able to get rid of unpleasant emotions or stress if you receive maximum care and attention from your loved ones.

Don’t forget the importance of fresh air for you and your baby. To improve indoor air quality, airing at least a couple of times a day is a good idea. Also, if possible, continue to be outdoors, but remember – move carefully and take your time.

32 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's sensations, ultrasound

Now you may think that you already know everything about your condition and the degree of development of the baby. However, you can not assert this, because the processes inside you and with you are not the same as it was with others.

But there is a whole range of questions which can be answered by specialists and many acquaintances. And some questions you can find out the answers to now.

32 weeks of pregnancy – what month is it?

The term of pregnancy at 32 weeks is 8 months according to the calendar. This term is in the third concluding and very important trimester.

What does the fetus look like at 32 weeks of pregnancy?

The fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy looks like a newborn fetus, that is, the body proportions are already almost as you will see them at birth. However, the growth and weight of the fetus will still be actively changing, as its size is still far from normal, because it is still a couple of months away from being born.

32 weeks of pregnancy – how often should the baby move?

Normally, at this stage, the baby makes up to 600 movements per day. Regarding how many tremors a woman should feel in an hour, it is about 10-15. If your baby is too active, then there is reason to start worrying, because it may be a sign of fetal hypoxia. As a rule, more activity can be observed during the daytime, as the baby reacts to the mother’s movements, her voice and other stimuli.

Is it possible to give birth at 32 weeks of pregnancy?

There is indeed a possibility of an early preterm birth, but not in all pregnancies. If you have such a risk, your doctor will certainly tell you about it and will take all measures to prevent such a development.

What should I be afraid of in 32 weeks of pregnancy?

As a rule, all possible dangers will show an ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy, which your doctor may prescribe by this date. However, you still should not give up proper nutrition, walks and other positions of regimen that have taken hold lately. However, you should not forget that there is always a risk of premature birth, the prerequisites for which your doctor will tell you.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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