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31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

Are you ready for a new addition to the family? If the father of the baby is still in a bit of a fog, which is not surprising, you probably already feel a rush of maternal pride, because it’s 31 weeks pregnant on the calendar. Your interesting position is not over yet, so you should not relax.

31st week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The baby in the 31st week of pregnancy is actively developing, moving and growing. Continue to complicate its turn and all the organs inside the body of the baby. More specifically, the following points can be noted:

  • The immune system is already ready to protect the baby from a mass of problems, but is still dependent on the work of the body of the mother. However, the production of protective antibodies continues, which will start working immediately after birth;
  • The accumulation of subcutaneous fatty tissue, which will later be needed for thermoregulation, continues. Now due to the formation of this subcutaneous layer of fat, folds and wrinkles on the body are smoothed out. The skin also becomes more dense;
  • The baby at 31 weeks of pregnancy already responds well to stimuli. Mommy may notice that the fetus begins to twirl or push, if she takes an uncomfortable position or speaks loudly. Also, the baby continues to explore and respond to the world around her, limited so far by the mother’s womb;
  • The glands of internal secretion are increasingly active, providing the developing body with the necessary amount of hormones and enzymes;
  • All bones are getting stronger – so now mommy should eat more foods with enough calcium. The exception is the bones of the skull, as their flexibility will ensure that the baby comes out normally during childbirth;
  • The respiratory system continues to improve. The baby makes breathing movements during which it swallows a small amount of amniotic fluid, which is a kind of training for the lungs.

Fetal size at 31 weeks of pregnancy

The size of the fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy is already close to those that characterize newborns. More specifically, their current height is only 10-12 centimeters less than that of infants. Regarding the index itself, the fetus can be 44-45 centimeters tall, but there are some fluctuations in this parameter, because the growth activity depends on many factors.

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The baby’s weight at 31 weeks of pregnancy can range from 1600 to 2000 grams – these figures are well within the concept of the norm. It is worth noting that the baby is growing very rapidly, as evidenced by its high motor activity. Even in periods of rest, the baby can explore the space and itself.

31 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The 31st week of pregnancy is a significant period for a pregnant woman. By this time, as a rule, the body has undergone striking changes, which could not make adjustments to the rhythm of life. This term cannot be called easy, because you may be visited by such symptoms:

  • Due to the excessive pressure of the uterus at 31 weeks of pregnancy, the diaphragm and abdominal organs are in a somewhat cramped position – this cannot help but respond to the corresponding signs. You may experience shortness of breath, abdominal pain, heartburn and so on;
  • Fluctuations in body temperature – this should not be considered a symptom of a developing cold. At this stage, a large amount of fluid is circulating in your body, which causes the body to expend a lot of energy, due to which the temperature rises;
  • The secretion of colostrum from your breasts (whitish fluid) is a signal that you are actively preparing for breastfeeding, because the birth is just around the corner.

Ultrasound at 31 weeks of pregnancy

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

As a rule, you may be scheduled for a routine ultrasound scan at 31 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to the mandatory third screening are some tests, but in each case, this list may vary. But necessarily and all women take the standard tests – it is a blood and urine tests, and a vaginal smear to study the microflora of the genital organs.

Regarding the purpose for which an ultrasound scan is performed at 31 weeks of pregnancy, the following can be highlighted:

  • Determination of the level of development and growth of the fetus;
  • Examination of the cervix;
  • Assessment of the placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord.

What happens to a mom’s body in the 31st week of pregnancy?

The most noticeable part of your body is your belly at 31st week of pregnancy, which will now always be ahead of you. Even though it is quite compact, you will feel like your belly is like a balloon, but without the proper lightness. Such a burden creates a huge strain on all parts of the spine, which you should learn to cope with.

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

Also, because of your growing belly and rapidly gained weight, your pelvic bones shift, which alters your gait. You may also notice that pink or red stripes appear on your abdomen, breasts and thighs – stretch marks or, in other words, “stretch marks. There’s no way to avoid it, and you’ll have to live with it.

Also still with you are swelling. But now the swelling is not just in your legs, it’s all over your body. Even your face may seem puffy, so it may seem that you did not get enough sleep or abuse fluids.

31st week of pregnancy: peculiarities

You should not be surprised if the toxicosis returns to you in 31 weeks of pregnancy. However, this symptom may not have bothered you until then, because each case of pregnancy is individual. However, it is worth remembering that late toxicosis carries some danger to the health of the mother and her baby. Symptoms can be quite severe – severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness, and so on.

At this term, there is already a possibility of an early preterm birth. You will usually find out about this risk at one of your routine doctor’s appointments. Allowing an early birth is undesirable, because neither mommy nor baby is ready for this event. After such an ordeal, the baby requires constant care, which is provided by specialists. It will also be difficult for the woman in labor, because most often there is a cesarean section.

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

If nausea at 31 weeks of pregnancy does not bother you, then expect the opposite situation. At this term, it is not uncommon to have a strong increase in appetite, which leads to rapid weight gain. Such a situation is not uncommon, but you should not be tempted to constantly chew something, because later it will be very difficult to cope with the extra pounds.

In addition to growing belly at 31 weeks of pregnancy you will be concerned at this stage of pregnancy edema. Some women feel that the whole body is swollen. Particularly affected are the legs, which seem heavy and unbending.

At this term you should carefully monitor the condition of vaginal secretions. The norm for this period is considered abundant transparent or slightly whitish mucous secretions without any stains or odor. If you notice a deviation from this norm, it is likely that the integrity of the placenta is compromised (premature aging of the baby site).

31st week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

If you are concerned about rapid weight gain, it is worth consulting your doctor on this topic. Normally, by the 31st week of pregnancy, a woman can gain up to 11 kilograms, most of this figure is the weight of the baby and amniotic fluid. However, slightly different figures are possible. If you are fundamentally back to your normal weight, then very carefully balance your diet. Try to stick to a healthy water balance – then at least 1.5 liters per day.

If you are worried about the balance of your diet, it is worth checking with your doctor – what vitamins and minerals you need at this term? It is not advisable to be arbitrary in the choice of vitamin complexes, because of the high probability of an allergic reaction. It is therefore wise to ask a specialist, as well as to give your thoughts on the state of your body.

Headaches should also be a subject for consultation with a specialist. Painful sensations in different parts of the head are usually caused by nervous or physical exertion, as well as blood pressure fluctuations. Before you take a pill, you should consult a specialist who will tell you which medications are right for you and which are dangerous.

31st week of pregnancy: tips

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The fetus in the 31st week of pregnancy is growing very fast, so it needs a lot of nutrients. Most vitamins, micronutrients and other nutrients come with the food that the mother eats. Therefore, you should not forget about proper nutrition, because it is very important. This week you should load up on things like sea fish, beef, cereals (good for breakfast) and other healthy foods.

Don’t forget to take care of your own body. If your 31 weeks of pregnancy falls in a hot time, you should not forget about the need to refresh your body. Particular attention should be paid to the hygiene of the intimate areas, because it is extremely undesirable to allow the development of fungus or even a slight irritation.

If you are worried about stretch marks, you should also pay attention to them. Do not forget to lubricate several times a day with a special cream. Skin care products are better to buy at the drugstore or prefer natural cosmetics. Also very useful are water procedures such as douches and swimming.

At this age you should rest more, but not lie down and enjoy your time. If you have a hobby, you should pay attention to it, because the baby will soon take up the lion’s share of your time. You may also want to take time to meet up with your loved ones as they can be a great support and a source of caring and that is better than any psychologist.

If you have begun to actively prepare for future motherhood and childcare, it is worth continuing and not slowing down. Look for more useful information on forms, in books or at lectures by proven experts.

And one more thing – it is highly undesirable to allow oxygen deprivation at this age (and, in principle, during the whole pregnancy). If it is difficult for you to go for walks regularly, try to air the room more often. If you have a balcony, arrange for a kind of session for 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day. However, walks in the fresh air are necessary, because this is the only way you will maintain optimum motor activity and saturate the body with oxygen.

31 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

31 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

31 weeks of pregnancy – what month is it?

31 weeks is part of the eighth month of pregnancy, which belongs to the third trimester. As a rule, at this term, women are already mentally ready for the upcoming birth, to which there is not much time left.

What does the fetus look like at 31 weeks of pregnancy?

At this term, the fetus already has an obvious resemblance to a newborn – 31 weeks of pregnancy will allow it to grow, get stronger and develop even more. Even more smoothing of the skin, getting fuzz hair, limbs are strong, which confirms the soon emergence of a new human being into the world.

31 weeks of pregnancy – how often should the baby move?

During waking hours, the baby should make at least 10-15 movements per hour. However, it is worth remembering that so far the fetus can stay at rest for a long time, so there is no significant reason to start worrying in this situation.

Is it possible to give birth at 31 weeks of pregnancy?

It is possible. However, most often the possibility of preterm birth is diagnosed much earlier, so it makes obvious sense to visit your doctor regularly for a routine checkup.

What should I be wary of at 31 weeks of pregnancy?

If an ultrasound scan at 31 weeks of pregnancy did not show any problems and even the slightest reason to worry, you should not get yourself worked up. However, you should remember that, as before a significant danger posed even an ordinary cold. Therefore, extra caution will not harm you.

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