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29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

You probably don’t know much about how far along your pregnancy is, because you’re used to your condition and current appearance. But we are happy to help you with the calculations – the baby has been actively developing for almost 200 days, which means it’s already 29 weeks pregnant on the calendar. This term is not small, but the third trimester has just begun, so you should not relax.

At this term you may feel some smooth and not too clearly perceptible changes inside your body. You should not worry about this moment, because it is quite normal, because you are experiencing significant physical exertion. However, about this and many other things is worth talking about in more detail.

29th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

The development of the fetus in the 29th week of pregnancy may differ in each individual case. For example, when carrying twins, very often one child is larger, and their movements are more active, as the babies explore their surroundings and each other. However, the fetus (one or more) at this term has definitely made serious progress, as evidenced by the level of development of all body systems and internal organs.

There is not as much fluffy hair on the surface of the body – this is the result of active preparation of the baby for birth. More fatty tissue is formed under the skin, which contributes to the smoothing of folds and wrinkles, as well as modifying to this point somewhat thin limbs. It is worth noting that the baby’s weight in the 29th week of pregnancy changes more actively precisely because of the growth of muscle mass and the formation of fat cells.

Fetal size at 29 weeks of pregnancy

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

The baby at this term is no longer as tiny as it was a couple of weeks ago. Fetal size at 29 weeks of pregnancy (height) should be at least 37-38 centimeters (can reach up to 40 cm), and the weight index is more than one kilogram (1200 to 1600 grams). The baby’s weight changes by about 200-300 grams weekly – this is considered a normal rate of development.

It is worth noting that the intensity of the baby’s motor activity changes. Its movements become smoother and more coordinated. However, the mother feels all these thrusts more clearly. Although experts note some decrease in activity compared to previous weeks, which is explained by long periods of rest, during which fatty tissue is formed.

29 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

The significantly increased abdomen in the 29th week of pregnancy makes itself felt by the palpable load on all parts of the spine and pelvic bones. This load cannot go unnoticed for a pregnant woman, so painful sensations will not be an unexpected discovery. You can feel pain in different places and in different situations, but most often during active movement, when lying in an uncomfortable position or abrupt lifts.

By the way, now the baby may respond to you if the pressure from outside (for example, on the abdomen) will be excessive in his opinion – you will feel quite strong tremors on certain parts of the womb. Due to the limited space in the uterus at 29 weeks of pregnancy, you will feel these tremors very strongly and unambiguously.

However, pain in the back and pressure on the internal organs, which responds to frequent urge to urinate, are not the only accompanying your condition at this term. Other signs include the following:

  • Spikes in temperature. You may experience hot flashes and sweating for no apparent reason during your pregnancy in week 29 – this is not a reason to call the doctor, because this is due to your more vigorous blood circulation and the large amount of fluids circulating through your body;
  • Increased fatigue. Surely you now find some of your usual activities very difficult and heavy – this is normal in view of such a dramatic change in your body and organism. The solution is relatively simple, because you only need to plan your day and not refuse the help of loved ones;
  • Nausea in 29 weeks of pregnancy and other signs of problems with the digestive system. Such symptoms can almost certainly be attributed to increased intra-abdominal pressure on the organs of the digestive system. However, sometimes you yourself may be guilty of such discomfort, because you allowed yourself to eat something wrong or in large quantities.

Ultrasound at 29 weeks of pregnancy

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

You should be prepared in advance, because an ultrasound may be scheduled for 29 weeks of pregnancy, which is the third obligatory screening. This ultrasound examination is performed to detect or rule out the development of pathological problems. Such problems include the following:

  • Fetoplacental insufficiency;
  • Fetal retardation in intrauterine development;
  • Chronic fetal hypoxia (oxygen deficiency);
  • The presence of intrauterine infections;
  • Perinephric insufficiency or gravidity;
  • Aging or detachment of the placenta;
  • Problems associated with fetal umbilical cord entanglement.

In addition to the obligatory ultrasound in 29 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe additional tests and examinations. For example, a blood test for iron content may be performed.

What happens to the mother’s body in the 29th week of pregnancy?

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

You may notice that your belly at 29 weeks of pregnancy enters the room ahead of your body – this is quite normal. Even if you are a petite woman, you certainly feel very large and heavy now. All this is caused by your growing weight and belly.

It is also worth noting that your pelvis is pushed forward a lot, making your gait sway. In part this can be annoying and put you off, but remember – you have a little person inside you, and that is a serious burden.

Without a doubt, the increased weight puts a lot of strain on all parts of your body. You may notice swelling in your feet and knee joints. Swelling may be visible in your hands if you are still actively engaged in manual labor. Some changes have also affected the breasts, which have become denser and heavier, but the advanced abdomen helps to support them well.

The 29th week of pregnancy: peculiarities

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

You probably understand that each of the terms (weeks and trimesters) of pregnancy is special in its own way. However, this week, in some cases, there is an increased likelihood of premature birth, that is, the fetus can become a newborn in the 29th week of pregnancy. If you have such a risk, your doctor will surely notify you in time and take all necessary measures to prevent such a situation.

Other features of this term include changes in a pregnant woman at the psychological level. Due to the fact that the body at this stage begins to switch to an active mode of prenatal preparation, you may observe such changes:

  1. Sleepiness as your body demands more rest before labor;
  2. Inattention and absent-mindedness – this can be explained by your body’s reaction to preparing for labor in order to conserve your energy resource;
  3. Stress, which is related to worrying about the impending birth;
  4. Dissatisfaction with yourself – this is only partly related to changes in your body, but more to the excitement about future motherhood.

The 29th week of pregnancy: what to discuss with your doctor

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

Make sure you ask your doctor if you need a scheduled ultrasound at 29 weeks of pregnancy. It is also good to ask about a number of other tests and examinations that you may need at this stage.

You should also ask – is toxicity threatening in the 29th week of pregnancy? The phenomenon of late-term toxicosis occurs in only 5% of cases, so you may not be on this list. However, if you have not experienced a similar “miracle” in the early stages of pregnancy, you may reasonably fear it now. As a rule, late-term toxicity is threatening by the 34th week, but the risk appears as early as the 20th.

Be sure to ask what your normal vaginal discharge should be at this term. As a rule, the discharge should not have a pronounced color and odor, and its amount is slightly increased in comparison with the usual. You should be worried if you notice an unpleasant odor, the presence of purulent or bloody impurities in the mucus – this may indicate problems with the genitourinary system or the threat of premature birth.

Consult your doctor if an ultrasound scan at 29 weeks of pregnancy revealed delayed intrauterine development of the fetus. Causes of such a phenomenon may be pathologies, failure to comply with your doctor’s recommendations, bad habits and much more. It is almost impossible to eliminate the foetus developmental delay, and there is a high probability of its death inside the womb. In view of this, it is better to prevent such a thing, than after eliminating it.

29-th week of pregnancy: tips

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

The 29th week of pregnancy – not the most appropriate time to practice strength exercises. You should understand that excessive strain on the spine, diaphragm or knee joints will soon return to you in pain. In addition, strength exercises can harm your baby, because at 29 weeks of pregnancy there is a high probability of premature birth.

If you are not bothered by back pain and nausea, you can devote your time to pleasant things, such as

  • Making a list of appropriate names for the baby, if you plan to name him or her right after birth;
  • Educating yourself as a good mom-to-be – smart books, experienced family friends, and advanced online courses can help you with this;
  • Preparing the necessary things and items to take care of your newborn.

Not this term you may want to eat a little more than your usual portions – you shouldn’t do that. Remember the advice of many nutritionists that “pay attention to the quality and composition of food, but not to its quantity. Also remember that you now need to minimize the risk of food poisoning, because its consequences can be very deplorable.

29 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

29 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development and movement of the fetus, photos

As a rule, every woman who is preparing to give birth to a baby, has a very high curiosity about every even the smallest nuance. Such a thing should be considered quite normal, moreover – for some questions that you may have, we are ready to answer right now.

The 29th week of pregnancy is how many months?

This period is included in the seventh month of pregnancy. If you calculate this term in days 198 days from the moment of fertilization and the beginning of the formation of new life in a woman’s womb.

What does the fetus look like at 29 weeks of pregnancy?

Externally, the baby at 29 weeks of pregnancy already has a lot in common with a newborn, but the changes are still ongoing. Gradually, the skin changes color (redness disappears), wrinkles and folds are smoothed, and the limbs become fuller due to the formation of a layer of fat under the skin. As for facial features, eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial expressions become more lively.

29 weeks of pregnancy – how often does the lower abdomen move?

At the 29th week of pregnancy, mommy usually feels the tremors and movements of the baby even more clearly and often. There are no exact rates of tremors, but approximately your baby is moving up to 600 times a day.

29 week of pregnancy – what trimester?

The calculation can vary. Some experts calculate this term as the first week of the third trimester of pregnancy, while others consider it already the second.

Why does the lower abdomen hurt at the term of 29 weeks of pregnancy?

The lower abdomen in pregnant women at this term can hurt for a number of reasons. The most common is considered to be overstretching of the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus. However, insufficient vitamins or excessive physical exertion can also cause such pain.

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