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28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

If there is already 28 weeks of pregnancy on the calendar, it means you have already entered the third trimester. This term will be full of pleasant and exciting moments. But the most important thing is that soon your baby will be ready to come into the world and take his/her first breath.

You will have to experience a lot of difficulties related to your position and body size – it is difficult, but unavoidable. So that you indulge in less excitement, we will try to help you understand some important points and we will do it right now.

The 28th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

The baby in the 28th week of pregnancy is still developing and growing. At this stage, his calf occupies almost the entire uterine cavity, so his tremors are felt more clearly by the mother’s womb. Inside the corpus callosum all internal organs are already formed and have begun their work in almost normal mode.

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The respiratory system and the brain continue to become more complex. In particular, more and more convolutions are formed in the brain – this contributes to the enlargement of both hemispheres. All glands are working at maximum, because the baby needs hormones very much for full development. Enzymes necessary for normal digestion in the future begin to be allocated.

It is worth noting that the respiratory organs are almost fully formed, which means that functionally they are ready for the first independent breath. Receptors have also already developed to a sufficient level to distinguish the taste and smell of amniotic fluid. The baby’s eyes also respond to light and shadow in the mother’s womb and open periodically.

Some changes also occur to the skin – the skin becomes lighter and the network of vessels is hidden under a layer of fatty tissue. Also due to the active formation of the subcutaneous layer of fat, folds and wrinkles on the body of the baby are smoothed.

Fetal size in the 28th week of pregnancy

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The fetus in the 28th week of pregnancy has already grown noticeably and its movements cannot be ignored by the mother. Its height is about 40 centimeters, which is already not so small. Regarding weight, the figure has passed the mark of 1.5 kilograms, but the mass may be a little more.

The rate of growth and development of the baby depends on many factors – it is worth understanding. You should not worry if the baby is not pushing inside you 24 hours a day, because the rest periods are still quite long. However, the baby is undoubtedly moving actively, and this can not fail to please the mother.

28 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The growth of the uterus at 28 weeks of pregnancy has not stopped. You may feel unpleasant and painful sensations in the lower abdomen and the lower back. Some women may have problems moving around, lying in certain positions and sitting for long periods. These sensations cannot be avoided, as well as some other symptoms at this term, namely:

  • The discharge of white fluid (colostrum) from the mammary glands – this may have manifested itself at an earlier term. There is no reason to worry, because this phenomenon indicates the preparation of the pregnant woman’s body for the upcoming breastfeeding;
  • Sleepiness and general fatigue – this symptom may also have become quite usual for you. However, now with a much bigger belly, even the usual and fairly simple tasks have become for you difficult and tedious. A proper distribution of workload and daily routine with necessary rest intervals will help to alleviate most tasks;
  • Digestive problems, which in most cases are not related to problems of the digestive system, as provoked by the excessive pressure of the uterus on the internal organs. You may note heaviness after eating, heartburn similar symptoms. Also, constipation may bother you, which causes a lot of discomfort.

Ultrasound scan at 28 weeks of pregnancy

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

At 28 weeks of pregnancy it is time for an ultrasound, which is the third obligatory screening. However, the doctor in charge of your pregnancy may, for objective reasons, have ordered an ultrasound scan earlier or later.

Ultrasound at 28 weeks of pregnancy is done to establish a number of parameters, namely:

  1. The dynamics of fetal development and comparison of these parameters with the norms;
  2. Evaluation of fetal weight and growth indicators;
  3. Checking for the presence or absence of malformations and chronic diseases in the child;
  4. A study of the umbilical cord blood flow is mandatory, as well as uterine arteries;
  5. The state of development of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid are also evaluated.

What happens to the body of the mother in the 28th week of pregnancy?

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The abdomen at 28 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow, which is quite normal. In addition, you may notice that your weight indicator is also growing inexorably. All in all, your standard weight should increase by no more than 10 kilograms from the moment of conception. A rounded belly and gained pounds may make it somewhat difficult to move and will undoubtedly change your gait, but these changes are inevitable.

You may have already noticed that you have a lot of stretch marks on your body, which are mainly concentrated in the abdomen, thighs and chest area. No pregnant woman can avoid the appearance of stretch marks (so called in the circle of professionals). Disappointment is not worth it, because all these physical flaws are worth the joy of birth of a mankind, which will happen very soon.

Swelling, which is manifested mainly in the legs, arms and face is also a normal phenomenon. No doubt such symptoms can not deliver a lot of discomfort during travel and even just sitting. A little to reduce the manifestation of swelling is possible with the use of compresses or baths with cool water. And you should abandon uncomfortable shoes and do not walk long distances, but it is necessary to move.

28th week of pregnancy: what you need to know

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

In general, the 28th week of pregnancy is quite calm, if you do not take into account the symptoms in the form of swelling, lower back pain and so on. However, especially observant moms may note that often at this term feel an increase in body temperature – this is quite normal. However, if there are other signs of an acute respiratory infection, you should immediately inform your doctor.

You should also know that the 28th week of pregnancy is not a reason to give up the usual activities and pleasant pleasures of life. However, it is worth remembering that gymnastics and fitness should be safe for your current condition. If you feel the need for intimacy, there is no reason to give up, but should have sex very carefully, keeping in mind the baby inside the womb.

The 28th week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should clarify this point – is it necessary to do any tests at this term? If you were previously found to be Rh negative, then at this stage you may be prescribed a blood test for antibodies. It may also be necessary to take a course of special medication to eliminate the problems associated with the negative Rh factor.

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

Lower back pain – what can I do? It is not always necessary to take pills right away to get rid of pain. A specialist will help you find the safest and most effective way to reduce painful sensations with the help of special supportive underwear or bondage. You can also use the services of a professional masseur, but always after prior consultation with your doctor.

Who is a Doula and what you should know about this specialist – this question you can also ask your doctor. The specialist will help you to understand this point, and if necessary he will tell you where to find and order the services of this specialist.

You should also ask your doctor a question – should you have an ultrasound scan at 28 weeks of pregnancy? As a rule, by this date the specialist already prescribes a third mandatory screening. You should know what exactly will be evaluated, and how you need to prepare for these studies.

The 28th week of pregnancy: tips

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

A very important point in this period is to consume foods that are rich in iron. Your diet should include porridge (better to eat in the morning), beef liver, walnuts and other foods that are rich in iron. Also, do not forget about other healthy foods that will allow you and your baby to provide optimal nutrition and open access to all necessary vitamins and trace elements.

You should still stick to eating multiple meals in small portions. You should also reduce the amount of sugar consumed in its pure form or in other foods. Remember that it is not good for you to consume large amounts of preservatives, so you should avoid canned, uncooked and other processed foods.

You probably noticed that your baby is actively moving – this is an excuse to try to communicate with him. If you took an uncomfortable position, ate something wrong or similar things, he will certainly let you know about it with a jolt. You should communicate more with your child, because he can hear you perfectly well and can even distinguish your voice among other sound vibrations. By practicing this communication you will strengthen the bond with your baby even more.

Your abdomen at 28 weeks of pregnancy, your breasts and your body in general have changed at this term, which is likely to change the way you feel about wearing clothes that were your size for a couple of weeks. This should be considered sufficient reason for shopping. We advise you to buy the most comfortable clothes and shoes that will not only be comfortable to wear, but also provide emotional pleasure.

If you have begun to prepare for the birth, you should do it together with the father of the child – it will bring you even closer together. It is also worth starting to prepare the essentials that you will need directly in the medical center. As for buying clothes and accessories directly for the baby, you should not buy too expensive things – make a list by the principle of “write-squeeze”.

28 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

28 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, feelings, development

The period of childbirth is very difficult for every woman, but no doubt pleasant because of the expectation of the closest person, which will appear in due time. However, during this period, every woman has a huge number of questions, which definitely need to be answered.

You can ask your friends and relatives, as well as your own doctor who is in charge of your pregnancy. It is also useful to read the relevant literature. But you will find answers to some questions right now.

How many months is 28 weeks pregnant?

If you have already marked the 28th week on the pregnancy calendar, you will see that it is already the 7th month. Every mommy-to-be will certainly be pleased to know that very soon she will be able to embrace her own baby.

How does the baby look like at 28 weeks?

Externally, the baby at 28 weeks of pregnancy already has a lot in common with a newborn baby. Gradually the limbs are becoming stronger and plump, facial features are becoming more obvious, facial expressions are actively changing and of course the baby is very much on the move.

What is the size of the fetus at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

Fetal growth in this week is approaching 40 centimeters. Regarding weight, the figure is close to 1.5 kilograms, but the weight figures may be a little more.

How often should the baby move at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

Since this term, the rate of movements per day is 600, but the woman is not able to feel all these tremors. As a rule, during a period of an hour or two you can feel from 15 to 30 tremors, it is considered normal.

28th week of pregnancy – what trimester?

In the 28th week, the third trimester of pregnancy begins, which for most women is challenging and the most exciting. The third trimester will last until the 40th week, if the baby is normally full-term.

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