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27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

You are already undoubtedly accustomed to your body condition and body appearance, because 27 weeks of pregnancy are marked on the calendar. The second trimester is coming to an end – in fact, this is its last week. You know a lot about yourself and what your baby looks like and does.

You should study some more information about your current due date. We will try to describe the most important points as accurately and clearly as possible.

The 27th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The baby in the 27th week of pregnancy continues to actively develop. The same high activity is observed in the nature of movements – the baby kicks, touches his face, clenches his fists and shakes his legs. Body position also changes, but predominantly the position of the body with the head toward the cervix.

The baby’s facial features are already almost fully developed. There are auricles and they have taken the right position, the eyelids (still covered) have eyelashes, facial expressions are increasingly evident – your baby sometimes frowns, sometimes smiles. But it is worth noting that the intensity of movement so far is replaced by long pauses to sleep.

The sensory organs are still developing, but with each passing day, sounds, tastes and changes in light in the womb are felt more and more sensitively by the fetus. You may notice that the baby already reacts to the sound of music and even recognizes your voice.

Regarding the internal organs and systems, everything is practically developed to its perfect state. The brain and other parts of the central nervous system are actively developing. All the glands (pituitary gland, adrenal glands, liver, and so on) are secreting the necessary amount of hormones. The respiratory system is perfecting, preparing for an early delivery and the baby’s first breath.

Fetal size in the 27th week of pregnancy

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

The fetus in the 27th week of pregnancy reaches a height of 35-38 centimeters. Regarding weight, much depends on the rate of development, which is individual, but as a rule, the figure is more than one kilogram.

Body proportions do not yet correspond to those of newborns. However, the process of transformation is still going on, as evidenced by the active formation of fatty tissues.

27 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

The 27th week of pregnancy may bring a new sensation to your life – training contractions. Sometimes these sensations will deliver a lot of discomfort and even pain. Each pregnant woman describes these sensations differently, so you should hardly be guided by someone else’s descriptions, it is wise to check with your doctor.

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

Regarding the other manifestations of symptoms, you should note the following:

  • Anxiety is quite a normal state of mind of a pregnant woman, but provided that these feelings do not develop into a depressive disorder. Anxiety and stressful condition arise against the background of experiences of future events related to the birth of a child;
  • Lower abdominal (pelvic) and lower back pain – this symptom is also quite predictable and inevitable for most pregnant women. Preparing the body for future childbirth requires a certain stretching of muscles and ligaments, which can be very painful;
  • Digestive problems such as heaviness, heartburn, constipation. All of these signs cause a lot of problems for the pregnant woman. Partly cope with this is possible by maintaining normal physical activity and sticking to good nutrition;
  • Abundant vaginal discharge, the normal color of which should be whitish or completely transparent. The presence of a large amount of vaginal mucus is necessary to actively protect the urogenital system from infections. If you observe such a discharge, there is no reason to worry;
  • More vivid dreams – this is due to the fact that the psyche of pregnant women is in an excited state almost constantly. Against the background of excitement about the impending birth, you may have anxious dreams, but most of the dreams are pleasant.

Ultrasound at 27 weeks of pregnancy

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

In the normal development of the fetus and the absence of problems with nurturing, then an ultrasound in the 27th week of pregnancy is not appointed, because there are no objective reasons. The scheduled (scheduled) ultrasound scan will be performed a little later.

Ultrasound in 27 weeks of pregnancy may be appointed, if the doctor has a suspicion of fetal retardation, or the presence of health concerns the pregnant woman herself. A specialist must evaluate a whole list of indicators that allow you to determine how well-developed the baby is, how properly developed the placenta is, and more.

What happens to a mother’s body in the 27th week of pregnancy?

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

Your belly at 27 weeks’ gestation is steadily increasing, as is your weight. You will find it somewhat difficult to move around, even the simple ritual of changing clothes will bring a lot of difficulty. The increase in weight will contribute to the appearance of new stretch marks on your hips, abdomen and chest area.

There is still swelling (most often in the legs and feet), which is very difficult. You will have to plan your daily routine very carefully at this stage, so that you can get enough rest.

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, you will notice a lot of pigmentation on your skin, especially on your breasts, face, shoulders and abdomen. Such a phenomenon is quite normal, but not all women have similar symptoms. If you encounter pigmentation, you should not worry, because most of the pigmentation spots will disappear in the postpartum period.

27th week of pregnancy: what you need to know

The uterus in the 27th week of pregnancy continues to grow and bring a lot of discomfort to the woman, but it cannot be avoided. Now it is very important to wear as comfortable clothes as possible and try to rest more. When resting, you should take as comfortable a position as possible, so as not to squeeze tense muscles and ligaments.

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

Naturally, you should very carefully monitor your own eating habits and the quality of your diet. You should choose only healthy foods, eat only freshly cooked food. You should not overeat, because it can aggravate the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In your diet, be sure to include dairy products, sea fish, lean meat and fresh vegetables. If you need a snack during the day, prefer to drink kefir or eat a handful of nuts.

You should not do heavy work now – it’s dangerous. Do pleasant tasks that do not require a lot of physical effort. Remember that you should regularly take advantage of the fresh air.

If you closely monitor your physical condition, you may have noticed that sometimes your body temperature is slightly elevated – this is not a reason to immediately dial a doctor or call an ambulance. An increase in temperature throughout pregnancy can be considered normal, as the body is working at its maximum, and the amount of blood (especially in the second and third trimesters) rises sharply. You should only be wary of the presence of obvious signs of the flu or a cold.

The 27th week of pregnancy: what you should discuss with your doctor

If you are worried about your condition or the position of the baby’s development, ask at 27 weeks of pregnancy about an ultrasound scan and the extent to which it is necessary. You need a good reason for an ultrasound scan, and if there is excessive discomfort or frequent pain, it is worth thinking about it.

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

It is also worth asking your doctor, who has been monitoring you since the beginning of your pregnancy, about the umbilical cord blood. The fact is that blood from the umbilical cord contains a certain amount of stem cells, which are used to treat certain diseases. You can do a very good deed if you wish to have the cord blood collected and later used to save someone’s life.

How you can prepare for childbirth and the care of your baby is also a question you should address to your doctor. You can specify what books you should read, what courses or trainings you should enroll in. You can ask your doctor about some things. Also, make sure you know how to choose a good paediatrician – it is important.

Whether you can have sex – it is also worth checking with your doctor. Remember that the 27th week of pregnancy does not place a strict ban on intimacy. However, in some cases, there are some objective reasons for not having sex. If you have some concerns about this point, a consultation with a specialist can solve everything.

27th week of pregnancy: tips

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

If you plan to continue exercising and maintain a good level of physical activity in the 27th week of pregnancy, you should be as careful as possible. You should carefully choose gymnastic exercises, and better prefer regular trips to the pool. Regular swimming exercise will not only help you meet the athletic minimum, but also reduce soreness in the back area.

You should pay attention to yourself and your body, and it is not only gymnastics or swimming. A warm aromatic bath or a pleasant cosmetic treatment will definitely help you relax. By the way, pay due attention to the areas of the body where there are stretch marks – use moisturizing cream, nourishing masks, and so on. Remember that all products used should be special and safe.

For your psyche is very useful to communicate with nice people, listen to your favorite music and do similar things that give comfort and a sense of relaxation. You should spend more time in the company of your loved ones during this period, and especially with your partner – every man should understand that. Do not refuse the slightest opportunity to be with your loved one together.

At this stage you can actively prepare for the future birth of the baby. Together with your loved ones and partner you can choose clothes, some accessories and other things that you and your baby will need in the first couple of weeks. However, remember that you should refuse to make especially large or expensive purchases, and if you plan to make any major purchase, then do it very carefully.

27 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

27 weeks of pregnancy: ultrasound of the fetus, photos of the abdomen, what happens to the mother and baby

At this term, many of the symptoms, if they cause inconvenience, have become habitual. However, quite a few things pregnant women still remain unknown, so very interesting.

Many answers you will find on the pages of special books, as well as after a frank conversation with an experienced specialist. But we will try to answer some questions right now.

27 weeks of pregnancy is how many months?

27 weeks is the continuing 7th month. There are 12 weeks until delivery after this week is over.

What weight should the fetus be at 27 weeks?

Your baby’s weight at this stage may be more than one kilogram. In some cases, the fetal weight may be up to 1.5 kilograms.

Where is the uterus at 27 weeks of pregnancy?

At this stage, the uterus continues to grow and change its position. Now the uterine fundus is located at 28-30 centimeters above the pubic bone.

How often should the baby move at 27 weeks of pregnancy?

The baby in the 27th week of pregnancy is active, often changing its position, moving its limbs and so on. Every movement gives the woman incredible pleasure, because it indicates the normal development of the baby. There is no exact norm, but in a period of an hour or two there should be at least ten movements and thrusts. If such activity increases, you should contact a specialist to see if there is any reason to worry.

27 weeks of pregnancy – what trimester?

You have already gone through a lot and the fetus is big enough. 27 weeks is the last week of the second trimester and you can congratulate yourself. But you should not relax, because there is still a lot to do.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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