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25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom’s feelings, photos

You are already 25 weeks pregnant, which means that the seventh month of active development of the little man inside you has started. You must have had many difficult moments, but waiting for your baby to arrive brightens everything up and gives you strength.

Knowing and understanding your condition can give you confidence. And we’re here to help – read on to find out what’s happening with you and your baby this week.

25th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The development of the baby in the 25th week of pregnancy continues. The formation of fatty tissue under the skin becomes more active, which aligns the proportions of the little calf. By the way, fat helps smooth out folds and wrinkles on the fetal body.

Actively develops the brain (in particular the cerebral cortex). Areas of the brain, formed earlier, are actively working – control limb movements, produce the necessary hormones, and so on. Other parts of the central nervous system become more complex. Because of this, the baby can already respond to stimuli (for example, already recognizes the voice of the mother). Therefore, many experts recommend that you already train your child by reading and talking together with a partner.

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The lungs and other respiratory organs are already fully formed, but their functioning will begin immediately after birth. So far, the lungs are contracting, which is similar to breathing movements, and air sacs are forming in them, but the baby receives oxygen from the mother’s body. Also, nutrition is still completely dependent on the mother’s body, although the baby continues to periodically swallow small amounts of amniotic fluid.

Fetal size in the 25th week of pregnancy

The baby in the 25th week of pregnancy has already reached the mark of 34-35 centimeters in height, and its weight is close to 1000 grams. Gradually, body proportions become similar to the appearance that newborn babies have.

The height and weight will still change until the last week of pregnancy (until birth). The baby is more active and fidgety inside the mother’s womb.

25th week of pregnancy: feelings

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The 25th week of pregnancy generally does not bring any difficulties or excessive stress. However, some pregnancy symptoms may still be present, such as:

  • Dizziness – especially when moving for long periods of time, stuffy spaces, or getting up abruptly from bed/chair;
  • Increased body temperature (hot flashes) – this should not be considered the first sign of a cold, because pregnant women have a very active blood circulation;
  • Stomach heaviness, flatulence and similar unpleasant symptoms of digestive system disorders. This is largely due to the growing uterus in 25 weeks of pregnancy, which is also felt in the form of pressure on the abdominal organs;
  • Back pain is the result of a growing belly. With tolerable discomfort there is no reason to worry, but with severe pain, cramps or similar phenomena, you should consult your doctor.

Shortness of breath and palpitations may also occur. Most often, however, there is no need to worry because of a rapid heartbeat. Shortness of breath can occur after considerable physical exertion (for example, long walks).

Ultrasound at 25 weeks of pregnancy

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

As a rule, 25 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound is not appointed, because this study is carried out earlier. However, an ultrasound scan may be assigned to women who are carrying more than one fetus under their heart, or there is a threat of pathology.

During an ultrasound at 25 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor pays attention to the size of the uterus and its position relative to the pubic bone. The position of the female organ should be at a distance of 25 centimeters above the pubic bone. If this condition is not met, there is a valid reason to see a doctor immediately.

What happens to the body of the mother in the 25th week of pregnancy?

The most noticeable thing is the belly at 25 weeks of pregnancy, which has rounded and protrudes more and more forward. Weight is gradually gaining, and the rate of weight gain is about 350 grams per week. However, pregnant women gain weight in different ways, as everyone’s body is different.

There are still stretch marks on the body of the future mommy, there may be pigment spots. There is also some swelling, which brings a lot of discomfort. It is also worth noting that there may be cramps in the legs.

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

Changes with the body can cause discomfort while sleeping or resting lying down – this cannot be avoided as your tummy grows. The most comfortable lying position is usually on your left side. The most reasonable solution for a normal sleep is to use a special pillow, which will also help you comfortably breastfeed your baby in the future.

25th week of pregnancy: what to pay attention to

In the 25th week of pregnancy, you should pay special attention to your diet. For normal development of the baby, iron is very necessary, and if it is not enough, you may develop anemia. If you are worried about this point, you should consult with a specialist, who may prescribe additional iron preparations.

You may notice that at this term you experience problems with your memory. Even previously common things (such as a grocery list) can be successfully forgotten. There is no need to worry, but you should be more attentive to everyday things. Sometimes things can be dealt with relatively easily if you make a habit of writing down important things or moments in a diary, but sometimes you can limit yourself to a reminder on your phone.

Closely monitor your physical condition. You should be well aware of all the warning signs to react in time. Carefully doses physical activity, because overdoing it is very dangerous for you now.

You should also devote enough time to body hygiene. You may notice that your sweating has increased, so to feel as comfortable as possible, take a shower more often. Pay particular attention to intimate hygiene – for the care of intimate areas, use only safe means, which not only do not harm the skin, but also protect the vaginal environment from the development of infections.

While brushing your teeth, you may notice your gums bleeding – this is normal, if I may say so. Many pregnant women encounter this kind of thing, and there are actually many reasons. For example, a woman may use a stiff toothbrush, eat little vitamins and the like. If these “sins” you do not recognize for themselves, it is wise to contact the dentist, who can recommend special products to strengthen the gum tissue.

Particular attention should be paid to your diet. For you and your baby at this stage is very dangerous food poisoning, so eat only safe and freshly cooked food. For a certain period is recommended to give up canned foods, semi-finished products, unhealthy sweets and similar products that are potentially dangerous.

25th week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

You can ask your doctor if an ultrasound at 25 weeks of pregnancy is a good idea in your case. Most likely, the specialist will ask you in as much detail as possible about what symptoms you are experiencing, how often, whether there is severe pain or something like that. Only after first establishing the actual condition and the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy at this term, the doctor can suggest or insist on an additional ultrasound examination.

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

What is this normal vaginal discharge? At this term, you may notice that the vaginal discharge may change its amount or consistency – this is quite normal. However, if itching or similar discomfort has arisen in the intimate areas, as well as the color, smell or consistency of the discharge has changed, then most likely this indicates disorders in the body or infections of the genitourinary system. In such cases, you should consult a specialist and establish the exact cause.

At this term you may find it too difficult to sit for a long time, walk for a long time and so on – this is also normal, although it brings a lot of discomfort. You should ask the doctor in charge of your pregnancy whether bondage or a special supportive underwear will help you. In some cases it can make it easier to carry your baby.

If you need to take additional vitamin complexes – this is also a question worth asking your doctor. If you and a specialist note a lack of something, then professional experience will allow you to choose the optimal composition and concentration of nutrients supplements.

Whether it is necessary to give up sex at this term – this, too, should be clarified with your doctor. You should tell your doctor if you feel a strong desire for intimacy with a partner, or vice versa (some pregnant women feel aversion to sex). You may need to have additional testing, or to refuse to have a normal sex life, so as not to harm the baby. However, it is worth noting that in most cases, sex during pregnancy is allowed.

25th week of pregnancy: tips

A steadily growing belly in the 25th obstetric week of pregnancy may interfere with your usual exercises, if you started practicing them earlier. You may also find it harder to walk for extended periods of time. You will probably need to change your usual rhythm and habits. If you want to continue doing gymnastics or yoga for pregnant women, you should find other exercises that are less difficult.

At this stage, you may notice an increase in your own sensitivity. You may also be very eager to communicate and share emotions like this with people close to you. This is quite normal, so there is no need to worry or rush to make an appointment with a psychoanalyst, as you can simply spend time with people who are close to you.

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

Also, you can already start to actively prepare for the future birth and the further upbringing of your child. As long as the situation does not give you a particularly heavy burden, with the father of the child can and even need to engage in preparations. Perhaps you need to prepare the baby’s room, collect furniture or free up space – it is worth taking advantage of this, of course not bothering themselves with physical exertion.

An interesting fact – you may notice that more and more often there is a psychological need to buy things, especially children’s clothing, accessories and the like. A certain satisfaction such purchases will certainly bring, but it is not necessary every time such a desire arises, to go along with it. To avoid unnecessary spending on pleasant, but useless little things, you should use these tips:

  • Ask experienced mothers, what things and items make a list of “special importance”, and it is wise to limit yourself to this list;
  • If you already know the gender of your baby, make a list of clothes you will need in the first months of life;
  • There may be a lot of unnecessary items on the “must-have” list – it is wise if you periodically edit it;
  • You should not prefer exclusively expensive and branded items, because they will be worn/used a limited number of times – it will be a waste of the family budget.

Another important point is that you may feel the need to constantly chew or chew something. This is associated mainly with a desire to provide your baby with the most necessary and best, and that all this is enough for him. But at the same time, you may be afraid to stay with the extra pounds forever. Such a dilemma can be solved relatively simply by choosing the most optimal diet. You need to eat only quality, fresh and in reasonable quantities. The best solution is to create a list of dishes that you will eat every day for this and the following terms, sticking to a schedule.

25th week of pregnancy: questions and answers

25 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, mom's feelings, photos

The 25th week of pregnancy is not considered a particularly exciting period, so expectant mothers prefer to relax and devote time to themselves. However, you should not forget that the whole pregnancy is a very important period of life for every woman. Therefore, you should study your condition and everything connected with it in detail.

Probably from the first day of awareness of your situation to the present moment you have a huge number of questions that you really want to solve. Partly you can be helped by special books and the good advice of your more experienced girlfriends and relatives. Proven sources of information are doctors who care for pregnant women and monitor their condition. There are also plenty of courses and forums that give unlimited access to a lot of information, which is also very helpful. We will try to answer some of the questions you may have at this stage right now.

25 weeks of pregnancy is how many months?

In monthly terms, week 25 is the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy. This term is still in the second trimester, but it is already nearing its end.

What does the baby look like at 25 weeks of pregnancy?

The position of the fetus by this term is usually head down, that is, toward the cervix. However, during the day, due to increasing activity, the baby may change its position more than once. Regarding appearance and body proportions, almost all external signs are close to the appearance that the newborn has at birth, but there are still many metamorphosis ahead.

How often should the baby move at 25 weeks of pregnancy?

There are no specific requirements regarding the frequency of fetal movements in the mother’s womb. However, the approximate number of tremors felt during the day should not be less than 10-15. Most often, deviations from this conventional norm in a larger or smaller way may be sufficient reason to consult a doctor who conducts pregnancy.

How big is the baby at 25 weeks?

The size of the fetus at 25 weeks of pregnancy can be roughly compared to the size of a cauliflower cob. If we talk in the format of numbers, then the growth of the baby at this term is on average 34-35 centimeters, and the weight is close to the mark of 1 kilogram.


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