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24 weeks of pregnancy: what’s happening, fetal development, feelings

The second trimester of pregnancy is coming to an end – it certainly brings great joy to the parents-to-be, because the long-awaited and already dearly loved baby will soon appear. But there is reason for some excitement, because the next trimester promises to be somewhat difficult for the physical and emotional condition of the pregnant woman. On the calendar is already the 24th week of pregnancy, and about what this period promises, you will learn next.

The 24th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

The baby in the 24th week of pregnancy continues to develop. However, it is worth noting that his appearance does not yet quite match the appearance of a newborn. The skin is not yet dense enough, so through it still perfectly visible all the system of blood vessels. In addition, the body still seems thin, because the baby has not gained the necessary muscle mass, but soon everything will change.

Under the skin, fat is actively formed, which contributes to the smoothing of skin folds and change its tone. Facial features have almost completed their transformation. The auricles are at their standard height now, because their lifting from the neck is complete. The eyelids still seem almost transparent, but they already have small eyelashes. He already knows how to open his eyes, but functionally the eyeballs are not yet ready to perform their standard purpose.

Changes are occurring not only with the baby’s appearance, but also inside his body. The digestive system continues to become more complex, and its organs are constantly improving. It is also worth noting that this term is very important especially for the formation of the brain and the central nervous system in general, as the cortex continues to form.

There is a peculiar evolution of the respiratory system. The number of cells in the lungs increases, the rudiments of alveoli appear, and a special substance called surfactant (it is needed to spread the alveoli) begins to be produced.

All the glands in the little body are working at maximum. For normal development and growth, the baby at this time needs a huge amount of hormones, in particular growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Part of the hormones necessary for normal fetal development are produced by the adrenal glands and liver. And boys have begun the process of dropping the testicles from the abdomen into the scrotum, but at 24 weeks of pregnancy, the ultrasound will not yet show the standard image of a boy with fully formed external genitalia.

Fetal size at 24 weeks of pregnancy

The baby’s belly at 24 weeks of pregnancy is already more than 33 centimeters, but there may be some discrepancies due to the individual rate of development. Regarding weight, the figure is close to one kilogram, to be exact – the weight may be more than 850 grams.

The baby is developing at a fast pace, both externally and internally. He is actively moving and exploring the environment in which he is. The baby touches his body and face, trains to turn over, and so on. All body movements are felt by the mother, which gives a lot of pleasure and happiness.

The 24th week of pregnancy: feelings

Mommy-to-be will seem that in her belly at 24 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is in constant motion – this is partly true, because the fetus can turn and move even during sleep, in which state he stays most of the time. This is considered quite normal and you should not worry. In most cases, the tremors inside the mother’s womb are periodic.

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

The uterus in the 24th week of pregnancy is above the navel, which may respond with some symptoms. Because of the increased pressure inside the womb, a pregnant woman may feel heaviness, heartburn, mild pain in the abdomen and lower back. In general, the woman gets used to these sensations by this term and knows how to prevent most situations of discomfort (for example, taking certain body positions while resting).

A frequent “companion” of a pregnant woman is swelling. Do not think that swelling on some parts of the body (most often in the area of the ankles and feet), are the result of a large amount of fluid drunk. It is not always the most reasonable solution to reduce fluid intake, but it is worth controlling.

A pregnant woman may often feel sudden temperature fluctuations – this is the result of more active blood circulation. Such reactions of the body are quite normal, but if there is a clear fever and bruising in the body, you should immediately contact a specialist or call an ambulance.

Problems with the digestive system are also quite typical. A woman may experience frequent urges to urinate and to empty the bowels (sometimes false). After eating, you may experience a feeling of heaviness or similar discomfort. As a rule, such sensations are quite normal and do not require much excitement. However, nausea, vomiting and other signs of food poisoning should be addressed immediately.

Ultrasound at 24 weeks of pregnancy

Generally, an ultrasound scan in 24 weeks of pregnancy is appointed those women who are expecting two or more babies. In some cases, that is, if there is a suspicion of preterm birth or fetal loss, may be assigned to a single pregnancy, but only by appointment.

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

Ultrasound in 24 weeks of pregnancy may be appointed to assess and monitor the condition of the woman herself. Regarding the parameters that are studied by a specialist during an ultrasound study, the following may be noted:

  • The amount of amniotic fluid;
  • The stage of development of the placenta and the thickness of its walls;
  • Condition and length of the cervix.

What happens to the body of the mother in the 24th week of pregnancy?

The abdomen becomes very noticeable at the 24th week of pregnancy – it is visibly rounded, bulging forward. As a rule, it is very difficult for pregnant women at this term to hide their belly. However, there are exceptions, when for most people around you can hide your situation.

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

It is quite normal for the rapid weight gain is considered, as in the womb is formed more and more amniotic fluid. Sometimes women feel the need to eat more food, but this should not be considered correct, because you should eat right.

Large amounts of hormones can provoke changes in the skin and hair of a pregnant woman. The quality and condition of the skin is also significantly affected by the constant increase in weight, which is observed at all stages of pregnancy. The woman may notice that her skin has become a little thinner and less elastic, which provokes the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. However, these phenomena can be avoided by eating right, paying sufficient attention to hygiene, cosmetic procedures and physical activity.

24th week of pregnancy: what to pay attention to

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

At the 24th week of pregnancy, it is worth very carefully monitoring your blood pressure. Pressure spikes can provoke severe headaches, general weakness and other unpleasant things. In most cases, there is no reason to worry too much, but there is a need for constant monitoring of your physical condition.

You should also maintain a diet that has already been recommended several times. You should cut out fried and greasy food from your diet, but be sure to eat nutritious food. Try to eat often and in small portions, as this eliminates the possibility of stomach heaviness and other discomfort.

You should be very attentive during the 24th week of pregnancy to the quality and peculiarities of your vaginal discharge. Normal discharge should not have any impurities, smell or color. Any deviation from the norm can be a significant cause for concern, as it may indicate the presence of significant abnormalities or health problems.

Be very attentive to your health, because you categorically should not get sick. You should carefully choose your clothing for walking, traveling and other situations. You should not freeze, catch a cold or otherwise expose your body to stresses.

If you have previously started to practice maternity exercises or yoga, then continue your practice. However, you should be very careful about your physical condition. You should stop or reduce the intensity of your exercises if you notice any pain or discomfort.

The 24th week of pregnancy: What to discuss with your doctor

You should ask your doctor who is managing your pregnancy one very important question – what is pre-eclampsia? There is a risk of developing such a disease, and you should think about it when a number of symptoms are found, namely:

  • Very rapid weight gain;
  • Blurred vision is often observed;
  • Sweaty palms;ё
  • Pain in the head or abdomen.

If you have mobility difficulties, back pain, and the like, you may want to consult a specialist about the need to wear a special compression garment. It is also worth inquiring about it if you have signs of developing varicose veins. Wearing compression underwear and special bandages can greatly relieve pain and discomfort in many situations.

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

You should ask what nutrients you need during this period. If you have cramps, a specialist may recommend that you include additional calcium with vitamin D, as well as other additional micro and macronutrients in your diet.

Is it possible to have sex – you can also ask this question to the doctor who supervises your pregnancy. In general, any pregnant woman can have sex at any period. However, sexual activity may be forbidden if there are good reasons to do so. You should definitely consult further and talk to your sexual partner.

The 24th week of pregnancy: tips

The most important thing we can advise you – if your doctor has appointed you an ultrasound in the 24th week of pregnancy, you should definitely follow this recommendation. Also, if there is a recommendation to undergo some other tests or examinations, you should definitely do it. Remember, you must be sure of your health and the correct development of the baby.

If you have stretch marks on your body or notice a loss of skin elasticity, you should definitely follow these recommendations:

  • Watch your diet – you need enough calcium and collagen now. Include additional nutritional and vitamin supplements in your diet if necessary;
  • Try to go to the swimming pool, as swimming helps keep your skin supple;
  • Take regular laps in the water-the warm, contrast shower at a comfortable temperature helps keep skin supple;
  • Use special cosmetic products that help relieve external flabbiness and stretch marks.

Pay sufficient attention to walks, because your baby at this term is in great need of enough oxygen. Remember that walks should not be fast and without additional loads. Take walks at convenient hours.

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

At this stage you may really want to eat more sweets. However, you should not try to eat more sweets, because you may experience some allergic reactions (itching, rashes, etc.). You should replace sweets with nuts, dried fruits and other natural goodies.

It is also good to spend more time in pleasant company. Walking with friends, family nights or just watching a normal movie can fill your body with the necessary amount of endorphins.

At this stage it is a good idea to start active preparation for the future birth. It is very useful to practice a set of Kegel exercises, which are aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles. By the way, this exercise has an excellent effect on the intimate muscles. You can practice these exercises during the day, regardless of the position of the body. If you are interested in this topic, it is worth asking your specialist for more information.

The 24th Week of Pregnancy: Questions and Answers

24 weeks of pregnancy: what's happening, fetal development, feelings

The 24th week of pregnancy is a relatively quiet and comfortable period for pregnant women. There are no particularly unpleasant feelings, which cannot help but rejoice. However, the expectant mother may have a lot of questions that should definitely be solved.

It is wiser to contact a specialist, who will be happy to provide full advice. And we will try to answer some questions right now.

The 24th week of pregnancy – how many months?

When on the pregnancy calendar you marked already 24 weeks, you know – this is still the 6th month. At this term, the second trimester is still going on.

What does the baby look like at 24 weeks of pregnancy?

In general, all the external features of the baby are quite developed and almost identical to those of infants. However, it is worth noting that the skin still has a pronounced red hue, there are many folds on the body, and the extremities and torso are still excessively thin.

How often should the baby move at 24 weeks of pregnancy?

The baby by this term is quite active, so the expectant mother can already feel quite a lot of pushing and moving. Most often, the number of such movements should be more than 10 per 3-4 hours. It is worth noting that while the baby is quite a lot of time at rest, that is, sleeping.

What should the baby’s weight be at 24 weeks of pregnancy?

There are no definite norms regarding the fetal weight parameter. However, in most cases, the body weight of the baby should be more than 850 grams.

How big is the baby at 24 weeks?

The fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy is already quite large. Its height already reaches 33-34 centimeters, but the data may vary due to the individual rate of development. The weight is also changing rapidly, as the body changes, the muscles gradually change the baby’s appearance.


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