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23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

At this point, it’s no less than 23 weeks pregnant. Mommy, as a rule, has already learned to cope with the excitement of the first thrusts of her baby inside her body. Also a woman has already 100% felt all the charms of his current state, of course during this period there were a lot of unpleasant moments – it’s natural.

But no matter how you slice it, most of the time a woman is allowed to carry a baby is already behind her. But ahead of her and the baby awaits a lot of surprising moments – about this it is worth talking in more detail.

23rd week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

The baby is now very active and restless – this confirms the ultrasound in 23 weeks of pregnancy, where you can see that the fetus is changing its position and bustling arms and legs. However, the resting intervals are still very significant, which is quite normal. The calf is changing, the skeleton is getting stronger, and muscles are more actively forming under the skin, which is becoming denser and more opaque.

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

The baby learns to do the most important things – swallow, feel the world around him, breathe. Periodically, the baby swallows amniotic fluid, which sometimes provokes hiccups (the mother feels it in the form of rhythmic shudders inside the belly). Also, the baby explores everything around him, touching the walls of the uterus, his face, and tugging the umbilical cord. Also, the lungs start trying to work, but this reflex movement should not be considered as a full-blown breath, but it is like a kind of training.

This week is the time when there is an active improvement of the respiratory system. At this stage, breathing movements are constantly performed, but so far the necessary amount of oxygen is provided at the expense of the mother’s body. And at the same time, the development of the senses and touch continues. Another important moment is the beginning of the formation of the cerebral cortex.

Fetal size in the 23rd week of pregnancy

The fetus in the 23rd week of pregnancy continues to grow and develop actively. At this stage, its growth is close to 33 centimeters, but the data may vary, because everything is very individual. Regarding weight, the figure can reach plus or minus 840 grams.

The proportions are already approaching the appearance that is characteristic of a newborn. However, the complete list of metamorphosis is not yet complete.

23 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, mild tremors can no longer be confused with flatulence or the work of the intestinal tract, as they are felt not only differently, but also in certain areas of the lower abdomen. These sensations are felt at certain hours and at certain intervals. Many women can tell the difference between what their baby is doing – turning over, pushing and so on.

In most pregnancies, it is this part of the time (about the middle of the second trimester) that is considered the most relaxed in sensation. However, this does not mean that the mother-to-be does not feel anything else except the baby’s movements. A woman will feel a whole bunch of symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath, which is a consequence of uterine pressure – at 23 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow. This symptom may not be there if the pregnant woman is careful about her rhythm of movement, resting enough and taking the right position when resting or working;
  • Weakness – you may notice that a long walk, long and monotonous exertion causes severe fatigue. Such symptomatology is provoked by active changes within the body, a large number of hormones and strong stress on the body;
  • Digestive problems are a feeling of heaviness, heartburn, flatulence and periodic constipation. As a rule, all this is the result of a large concentration of the hormone progesterone and excessive pressure of the uterus on the internal organs. These unpleasant sensations can be somewhat corrected by eating a proper diet, maintaining optimal motor activity, and taking the most comfortable body position;
  • Itching on the surface of the skin – this is not a threat to all pregnant women, but the symptom is quite unpleasant. Most often such sensations are characteristic of the first trimester, but it happens a little later. You should not worry if the itching occurs periodically, but if you notice a rash on the skin, you should consult a specialist;
  • Lower back pain is a sensation that is present in almost every pregnant woman and lasts until she gives birth. There is no reason to worry because the pain is a result of the growth of the baby inside the womb, and it is caused by muscle stretching, the growing uterus and a shift in the position of the small pelvic bones.

Ultrasound at 23 weeks of pregnancy

As a rule, an ultrasound scan at 23 weeks of pregnancy is performed to establish a number of parameters. In addition, the pregnant woman must undergo special tests, and at the insistence of the doctor may be assigned medical examinations by specialists in other specialties.

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

Regarding what data gives ultrasound in the 23rd week of pregnancy, the following can be noted:

  • The weight and height of the baby, and the specialist checks the compliance of the body parameters with the established norms;
  • It also establishes how well developed the placenta is and how thick its walls are;
  • The amount of amniotic fluid is necessarily evaluated;
  • The degree of development of the umbilical cord and how it is bled is also evaluated.

What happens to the mother’s body in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

The abdomen in the 23rd week of pregnancy is already very noticeable not only to the woman herself, but also to others. The shape and size of the circumference of the abdomen may be different, which depends on the woman’s body constitution and the amount of amniotic fluid.

A woman’s breasts are also changing rapidly, but the mammary glands are not growing as rapidly as they did in the first trimester. Her thighs are getting rounder, which is indicated by the many stretch marks on her body. Stretch marks can cause a lot of physical and emotional discomfort for women, but they can all be fixed relatively easily if you take good care of your own body.

Many stretch marks are usually joined by pigment spots – they are concentrated mainly on the abdomen, the décolleté area, sometimes on the face and less often on other parts of the body. These spots or even streaks can cause a lot of discomfort, but these marks will disappear immediately after birth.

23rd week of pregnancy: what to look out for

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

The baby in the 23rd week of pregnancy continues to grow, which the mother can guess from her sensations and steadily growing belly. These processes are accompanied by painful sensations in the lower back – this is quite normal. However, a pregnant woman should clearly understand when she should be worried.

At moments of painful sensations, a woman may feel spasms, which experts call “false contractions”. Such a feeling is also normal and is not very dangerous. However, in the presence of frequent recurrence of cramps, their excessive strength or in cases where the spasm causes severe discomfort.

It is especially important at this stage to give enough time to walks and avoid oxygen starvation – because of the increased motor activity of the baby, he needs more fresh air. Remember that during the walks you can not hurry or overexert yourself.

With the utmost responsibility take to your regime of the day, namely to maintain a balance. Try not to lose the usual pace of motor activity, but give enough time to rest. It is very important to rest in a comfortable position, and it is especially important to hold your legs correctly to avoid swelling.

At this stage it is important to exclude the possibility of food poisoning. To avoid this, you should exclude the use of large amounts of canned products, poorly cooked meat or seafood. Closely monitor your feelings in the abdomen, and it is not only the thrusts and stirrings of your baby. At the slightest discomfort that hints at digestive problems, you should use special medications to eliminate the problem and symptoms.

The 23rd week of pregnancy: What to discuss with your doctor

Be sure to consult your doctor about the possible dangers and risks at this stage of pregnancy. As a rule, this period is not classified as dangerous, but there are some important points – the specialist will tell you about it. The main thing you should remember is that if you have constant pain in the lower back or lower abdomen, you should immediately contact a specialist.

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

If you have discomfort in the intimate areas – ask your doctor about the possible causes. In some cases (for example, in the presence of atypical vaginal discharge) it is necessary to conduct additional tests or examinations, as various infections or fungal diseases may be present. However, quite often the wrong choice of intimate hygiene products can be the cause.

Often pregnant women have the question – is it possible to have sex during pregnancy? You should put aside feelings of shame and consult a doctor to establish this on an individual basis. As a rule, there is no prohibition on having sex during pregnancy during its normal course. Many gynecologists point out the great benefit of getting satisfaction in every way.

Another question that you should ask your doctor – what vitamins you need at this time? You should not start taking any vitamins on your own, as this can cause allergic reactions of various kinds. You may have a need for certain vitamins, so a consultation will be extremely useful.

23rd week of pregnancy: tips

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

Your belly at 23 weeks of pregnancy attracts everyone’s attention, and the most important thing is specifically your attention. We advise you to take this very seriously, as well as our tips, which are as follows:

  • Carefully choose things for your image – this will have a positive effect on your sense of self and well-being. First, with the right size and style of clothing you will not pass your growing belly. Secondly, you will look attractive, and this will always allow you to stay in a great and elated mood;
  • If you suffer from stretch marks, start taking care of your appearance right away by getting regular beauty treatments. Gentle massage, nourishing masks of healthy foods and smearing with vegetable oil will have a positive effect on your skin;
  • Be very attentive to your hygiene – do not be lazy to take a bath or shower more often. So that you do not feel discomfort in the intimate areas, then try to change your underwear more often.

Be sure to do an ultrasound scan at 23 weeks of pregnancy – it is a necessity, which will make sure that you are in normal condition, and your baby is developing at a steady pace. Also, do not miss your appointments with your gynecologist to keep your condition under control.

You should try to eat as well as possible during this period, because your baby needs nutrients very much at this time. The food you eat during the day should be light and as healthy as possible. It is important not to overeat, so it is a good idea to divide the food into several meals. If you are used to snacking, try to give preference to nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables.

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

It is very desirable to maintain an optimal drinking regime. First, choose the water you drink carefully. Secondly, do not let thirsty, if you go somewhere, take water with you. Thirdly, exclude from your diet coffee and too salty food, which will provoke you to drink more water than necessary. Also, be sure to include in your diet juices and infusions, which will not only quench your thirst, but also fill your body with essential nutrients.

Try now to start to adjust the contact with his child, because he can already react to the sounds and your touch. It is advisable to involve the father of the child in this process, because it is also very important.

The 23rd week of pregnancy: questions and answers

23 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and the mother, feelings, development

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, it seems that a woman already knows all the nuances of her current state. However, this is far from it, because there are still many important and even exciting moments ahead.

You should not ignore the advice of more experienced moms, and of course specialists. Therefore, if you have important questions, it is wise to ask your doctor, who oversees your pregnancy. And we will try to answer some questions right now.

The 23rd week of pregnancy is how many months?

The 23rd obstetric week of pregnancy is the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy. At this term, the second trimester continues.

What does the baby look like at 23 weeks of pregnancy?

In general, the appearance of the baby at this term already has a lot in common with how newborns look, but some features cannot be called identical. Body proportions are gradually aligned, the face has all the necessary features, but the body continues to strengthen and change.

How often should the baby move at 23 weeks of pregnancy?

The norm of motor activity is considered about 4 times or 10-15 times per day. It is worth noting that while the fetus is resting for a very long time. However, if you do not feel your baby’s movements for more than 12 hours, you should see a doctor or call an ambulance.

What is forming in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

All the vital organs (external and internal) are already formed, but continue to develop and become more complex – this applies to the respiratory system, genitourinary, digestive and others. But most important is the formation of the cerebral cortex.

How big is the baby at 23 weeks?

The baby at 23 weeks of pregnancy is already quite large – its growth reaches already 32-33 centimeters. Regarding the baby’s weight, the figure at the beginning of this week is close to 840-850 grams.



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