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22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

It’s not too much more than 22 weeks of pregnancy on the calendar. Surely it is already difficult for you to hide your own situation from others. However, we do not see any particular need for this, because it causes only your own satisfaction and the delight of others. This is not surprising, because a new life has been born and is developing inside of you, which will certainly have your character and appearance traits.

You already know how previously formed inside you the life of a baby. You know what stage of development the fetus is at, but it will never be superfluous to learn more about all the processes that take place inside your womb. This is the topic we will talk about in more detail right now.

22nd week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

The baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy is actively developing – it is noticeable not only by its size and movements, but also by the functioning of internal organs. The skin of the fetus still has a mucous protective coating, which will be on the calf until its birth. Gradually, the skin covering becomes more dense.

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

The weight of the brain is approximately 100 grams. If the gauges mark such a figure, all developmental processes take their course. The brain is already practically 100% performing its usual functions – controlling and sending/processing/receiving signals from the whole body.

The touch organs – hearing, vision, and taste buds – are almost fully formed. Already your baby hears sounds, which for the most part are limited to the sounds of the mother’s body. However, some sound vibrations from outside are already reaching your baby’s ears. Your baby’s eyes are already learning to respond to changes in light, but not yet consciously. The taste buds are also learning to recognize new tastes in the amniotic fluid; he/she even likes some tastes and dislikes others.

The body systems and internal organs become more and more active. The lungs, the organs of the genital system continue to become more complex, and the liver is already working to protect the still immature little body from toxins. Started and continue to produce the necessary hormones all glands of the body.

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

In the belly at 22 weeks of pregnancy there is more and more movement – the baby continues to study himself and his body, he learns how to control it. However, periods of rest are still quite long. In just a day, the fetus can make a little over two hundred movements, but the mother can feel only a small part of them (about a couple of dozen), and it is perceived as a real miracle.

Fetal size in the 22nd week of pregnancy

The fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy has already grown to 30 centimeters. His weight at the beginning of this term is about 600 grams, so the woman already feels some weight from such a pleasant burden.

At this stage, the baby is in an active growth stage, which is characterized by increased motor activity. Body proportions are gradually but rapidly acquiring the standard characteristics inherent in newborns. However, it is worth noting that so far the lower part of the baby is less developed than the upper, which is due to a greater concentration of vital organs on top of the body.

22nd week of pregnancy: feelings

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

A huge plus is that the 22nd week of pregnancy does not carry a huge threat of losing the baby – this has a soothing effect on the mother. As for other sensations that accompany this term, the following can be highlighted:

  • Frequent urges to urinate – this is a consequence of the fact that the uterus, the baby itself and the amount of amniotic fluid is growing. You will have to get used to this unpleasant symptom, because it will remain with you until delivery;
  • Back and lower back pain – this should also be considered a consequence of the growing baby inside your womb. Most often, such sensations occur after a long move or condition, so you need to sit down more often or take time to lie on the couch in the most comfortable position;
  • Heartburn, which most often occurs in the supine position, is also quite difficult to deal with. As a rule, simple medications will not be sufficiently effective or acceptable in your position somewhat reduce the discomfort of gastric juice flowing into the esophagus by adopting a semi-seated position while sleeping or resting. Some women find it helpful to take herbal teas and dairy products;
  • A feeling of heaviness or bloating in the stomach – these unpleasant symptoms are caused by a large amount of the hormone progesterone in the body of the pregnant woman. Unpleasant feelings can be somewhat reduced by following a healthy diet and normal physical activity. You should also not eat heavy foods especially before going to bed;
  • Occasional fever, which some women describe as hot flashes or just a feeling of fever. There is nothing in common with the onset of viral diseases, so there is no need to worry. Such sensations are due to an increase in the amount of blood in the body and more active blood circulation.

Ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy

In the normal development of the situation, ultrasound in 22 weeks of pregnancy is not appointed, as ultrasound at this term is less informative according to experts. The second mandatory screening is usually assigned to the previous terms – somewhere between 16 and 21 weeks.

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

However, no one is saying that this type of diagnosis can not be carried out. Ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy can be performed as a regular observation of fetal development, if the doctor found previously a number of abnormalities or problems, for example:

  • Delayed fetal development;
  • Detection of abnormalities or suspicion of certain congenital diseases;
  • Presence of problems in blood circulation in the pelvic organs of the pregnant woman;
  • Delayed development of the placenta and/or umbilical cord.

What happens to a mom’s body in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s shape continues to change, gradually rounding out. Some women are worried and anxious about this reason, but it is not necessary if the weight gain is within normal values. On average, from the moment of conception weight has changed in the direction of adding about 5-7 pounds – this is quite normal.

Naturally, the weight gain cannot go unnoticed by the gait, which is somewhat reminiscent of a duck’s gait. However, the most noticeable detail is still a rapidly growing belly, at 22 weeks’ gestation it can no longer be hidden. Particularly noticeable is the circumference on the body of thin women, and this should be considered quite normal. It is worth noting that everyone’s tummy increases at a different pace, so there are no clear norms and standards.

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

A woman cannot help but notice that her body as a whole has changed – her hips have become more rounded, her breasts have grown by at least a couple of sizes and more. As a rule, at the grown parts of the body a woman may notice the appearance of stretch marks, which in simple terms are called stretch marks. You should not worry in advance, especially if your skin is in normal tone, which promises recovery after childbirth.

Some women (those who are prone to pigmentation) notice that spots have appeared on the body. In most cases, these phenomena are temporary and will disappear soon after delivery, so there is no reason to worry. Often pregnant women note a sharp increase in the sensitivity of the skin, which may manifest itself as itching or discomfort after the usual hygiene procedures – this will also soon leave you.

Because of the improvement of hormonal background (the fluctuations become less abrupt), pregnant women at this term note a significant improvement in the condition of the skin, hair and nails. By the way, the normal pattern of hormonal background also has a completely positive effect on the emotional state.

The 22nd week of pregnancy: what to pay attention to

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

You should pay enough attention to your intimate hygiene. You may notice during this period of pregnancy that your vaginal discharge is more profuse – this is quite normal, because this is how the genitourinary system protects you from infections and fungi. You should regularly and carefully monitor the cleanliness of your body in general, using special and safe products for this. And if you find atypical discharge (cinnamon color, bad odor or curd inclusions) immediately contact a gynecologist.

You should plan your day particularly carefully, because you may often feel tired, sleepy and so on. Some people complain about absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, which is also quite typical. It’s not unreasonable to reassure yourself and keep a detailed plan for your day. It is also useful to ask loved ones to remind you of important tasks if necessary.

Equally closely monitor your diet and daily routine. You need to eat light, but sufficiently nutritious food. Regarding the daily routine, be sure to find time to work, rest, walk and socialize – you need it all in equal measure.

22nd week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

You may have some concerns about discomfort in the abdomen and back pain – you should check with your doctor who’s in charge of your pregnancy. Much of the discomfort is caused by the growing and rapidly changing position of the uterus – at 22 weeks of pregnancy it is already about 1-2 centimeters above the navel.

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

If back pain becomes unbearable or interferes with the normal rhythm of life, you should ask your doctor if there is a way to reduce this discomfort. In some cases, doctors recommend wearing a special bandage or underwear for pregnant women, which supports the necessary muscle groups, thereby alleviating pain.

If you feel heavy in the stomach or have digestive problems (constipation, etc.), ask your doctor if you need to follow a special diet. Your doctor will give you advice on what foods you should include in your diet, and what can be harmful for you and your baby.

Be sure to specify what symptoms are dangerous at this stage. Usually, this term is not considered potentially dangerous, that is, in most cases, the woman is not at risk of losing the baby now. However, there are always exceptions, and the doctor in charge of your pregnancy will tell you about them. Particularly dangerous are lower abdominal pain and the presence of blood in the vaginal discharge, which should immediately inform the doctor.

The 22nd week of pregnancy: tips

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

The 22nd week of pregnancy is a good time to take care of your closet. You probably find it difficult to wear your usual styles of clothing and shoes. The wrong panties and bra can cause particular discomfort. You should allocate a certain amount of the budget to buy the minimum necessary clothes, shoes and underwear that will fit. It is worth choosing only quality and comfortable.

You should pay attention to your body. If your pregnancy falls in the warm season, you should take a bath or shower more often, as well as change your underwear. Many pregnant women complain about swollen feet, but to reduce the discomfort can be quite simple – take a cool foot bath or wipe a piece of ice. Also do cosmetic procedures more often to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Take advantage of moments of rest in order to establish contact with your baby. Remember that the fetus can already hear you, so try to communicate with him, learn what kind of music he likes, and so on. It is not superfluous to involve the father of the child in this activity – this is only a plus.

22 weeks of pregnancy: questions and answers

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, signs, fetal development

At this stage, a pregnant woman can somewhat relax, because as such, the accompanying symptoms do not bother her much. However, you should not assume that there are no more questions of particular importance, to which every expectant mother should find answers.

You should remember that you can find a lot of useful information in specialized literature and in the many courses that are held specifically for pregnant women and new moms. Relatives and friends can always provide good support. But particularly important questions should be clarified by specialists who have the necessary qualifications and experience. And we will try to answer some questions right now.

What does the baby look like at 22 weeks of pregnancy?

If you look at the image that gives ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy, the appearance of the fetus is still only partially similar to that of a newborn. However, many details are already quite formed – there are flared ears, a rounded skull of a familiar human shape, normally proportioned limbs and so on.

What should be the abdomen at 22 weeks of pregnancy?

There are no specific requirements or established standards regarding this criterion, but the only thing worth noting is that the roundness of the abdomen at this term should be quite noticeable to the pregnant woman herself and to others. However, there are exceptions to this rule, because women of large build may not seem pregnant to others because of the features of the figure and extra weight.

How often should the baby move in 22 weeks of pregnancy?

The baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy is already actively moving, but the woman may not feel all the movements. You can feel kicks and pushes only when the baby touches the uterine walls and the placenta. The norm of such sensations is considered to be 10-15 kicks.

What does the baby feel at 22 weeks of pregnancy?

The baby already recognizes the tastes of amniotic fluid, and the taste depends on what you eat. Also, the baby is already able to respond to sound vibrations, so you and the baby’s father can talk to him. At this stage, your baby’s eyesight is already beginning to focus on the difference between light and dark, although your eyelids are still half-open most of the day.

How big is the baby at 22 weeks?

At this stage, the fetus can be up to 30 centimeters and more, it all depends on genetics and developmental activity. Regarding weight, the figure is close to 600 grams, which brings the baby’s proportions even closer to the standard for a newborn.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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