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2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

Many experts claim that already at 2 week of pregnancy a woman may feel dramatic changes in her body. However, each organism is individual, so sensitivity to changes in it is different. But the processes to prepare a woman’s body for carrying a baby are taking place, and what they are, you will find out next.

The second obstetric week of pregnancy

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

2 week of pregnancy from conceptionis not such a long time that the signs of interest are in your face 100% of the time. It is worth repeating that every body is different, so the woman may not even suspect the beginning of conceiving a new life in her, because she does not feel any changes. It is quite another matter when pregnancy is planned – it forces the woman to focus on the slightest symptoms, even indirect and insignificant.

If we talk about this term as a period, then the 2nd week of pregnancy is the 4th week of the menstrual cycle and also the 4th obstetric week (counted from the last day of menstruation). If conception occurred unplanned, the development of the embryo is asymptomatic in most cases.

We should note, however, that this period is in the critical zone, because there is a high probability that the blastocyst will not take hold properly and this is the end of the embryo development. Much depends on the physical condition of the woman, because there can be various diseases and problems with women’s health. Sometimes elementary inflammatory processes can become a significant problem. In the worst case, the embryo dies and is removed from the woman’s body naturally (in the form of menstrual secretions).

There is a risk that the embryo will stop its further development, being already attached to the uterine wall – this is approximately the second week after fertilization. In this case, the woman may feel considerable pain, which is mistakenly written off as menstruation or a number of other reasons (for example, considerable physical activity on the eve). Such a situation threatens a miscarriage at an early stage, and requires an immediate visit to a gynecologist, as there is a risk of serious complications.

A variety of factors, from stress to viral diseases, pose a significant threat during this period. However, experts note the main reason for early miscarriages is chromosomal abnormalities, which are extremely difficult to predict. It is not uncommon for a woman herself to be the cause of a miscarriage, especially if she leads an improper lifestyle. Therefore, if you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, seriously consider your health and lifestyle.

How to check pregnancy at 2 weeks?

In this period you can already know about pregnancy, because the production of a special hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated hCG) began. This hormone is concentrated in the blood and urine.

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

A clear sign of early pregnancy is an increase in basal temperature (measured in the vagina). The temperature increase is not significant, usually not more than 1.5-2 degrees of normal.

By the way, you can do a pregnancy test already in this period. If you want to monitor yourself or feel that there were striking changes in the body, you can buy a special test, which is available at any pharmacy. However, many people think of a more revealing method, namely a test on an ultrasound machine. But there is another option – to take blood for laboratory analysis.

USG at 2 weeks of pregnancy

It’s worth noting right away that USI at 2 weeks pregnant barely makes sense. The reason for this is the small size of the embryo – the length of the embryo is less than 1 mm, and its weight is not even a gram.

There is no point in performing an ultrasound because the embryo will not be visible. An ultrasound may only be prescribed by the doctor in an emergency when the cause of a woman’s deteriorating condition or pelvic pain needs to be determined.

Sound examination at 2 weeks of pregnancy

It is worth noting right away that USI at 2 weeks of pregnancy barely makes sense. The reason for this is the small size of the embryo – the length of the embryo is less than 1 mm, and its weight is not even a gram.

There is no point in performing an ultrasound because the embryo will not be visible. An ultrasound may only be prescribed by the doctor in an emergency when the cause of a woman’s deteriorating condition or pelvic pain needs to be determined.

2nd week of pregnancy: feelings

While there are no obvious changes in the female body and the term is minor, 2 week of pregnancy symptoms some have. In most cases, the symptoms have a lot in common with preparing for the next menstrual cycle, but the reasons are completely different. More often the woman is preparing for menstruation, and she will guess about her situation only after an obvious delay of regulatory period.

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

If we talk about specific symptoms, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen (let us repeat – the sensations are similar to the approach of menstruation) – this is a symptom noted by the majority of pregnant women at two weeks. If you have these feelings, you should remember that there is no reason to worry, because this symptom is quite normal. Worry when the painful sensations arise after sexual intercourse or visits to the gynecologist, because this may be a sign of a serious threat to your health (for example, ectopic pregnancy);
  • Breast enlargement and increased nipple sensitivity, minor masses in the breast area may be observed – this symptom may also be diagnosed as a signal of impending regurgitation. In this period, this symptom is triggered by the preparation of the mammary glands for breastfeeding;
  • Digestive problems, nausea, or changes in taste. These symptoms are in most cases psychosomatic, especially when a woman is planning a pregnancy. The emergence of an acute desire to eat certain foods or intolerance of certain foods is very rare at this early stage;
  • Sensitive women or those who have been under stress may experience emotional changes, such as mood swings, sleeping disorders, and the like. This is due to the fact that the pregnant woman’s body dramatically changes hormones;
  • Enhanced urges to urination, which may also be observed during premenstrual periods. This symptomatology can be explained by the fact that structural changes are taking place in the pelvis, preparing the body for motherhood.

Worth mentioning a couple of words about pain in the pelvis. Pain can occur not only in the lower abdomen, but also in the lower back. Such symptoms occur not only in pregnant women, and can signal diseases and problems that should not be delayed. If you know for sure that there is a chance of pregnancy and you observe severe lower abdominal pain, you should not rely on the fact that it will soon go away – see your doctor right away.

In the second week of pregnancy feelings woman is very dependent on her emotional state. People around her and those close to her may notice her unstable mood, but this is not always the case. The hormone progesterone, the concentration of which will be quite high during pregnancy, may be to blame for this change. Also, this hormone can increase appetite, which is also not uncommon in women before menstruation.

But it is fair to say that during this period the immunity of the woman is significantly weakened, because all the reserves of vital forces are directed to the formation and carrying the baby. The pregnant woman herself may notice discomfort, body aches and similar symptoms, which can be mistakenly attributed to a viral disease or a common cold.

Another development of the issue of the emotional state of the woman in this period, it is worth noting that some have an increased libido. Such processes are quite natural, because the second week after conception coincides with ovulation. These manifestations are explained by the increased fertility of the woman, i.e. readiness to conceive.

2 week of pregnancy: changes happening to a woman’s body

External signs of pregnancy at early (2nd week)not yet noticeable. Rarely, women notice a slight increase in the abdomen due to bloating, which again is similar to the premenstrual period.

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

But changes to the body do occur, although they are deep in nature. There are several factors to note:

  1. The appearance of the “pregnancy hormone” or in more clear words hCG, which is contained in large quantities in the blood of the pregnant woman;
  2. Progesterone production, which ensures normal fetal development;
  3. With the fertilized cell attaching to the uterine wall, a small bloody discharge may occur, which may be mistaken for the beginning of regal;
  4. Note again that some women notice an increase in mammary glands, indicating the beginning of preparation of the body for lactation;
  5. Changes in the consistency of the vaginal discharge – as a rule, the discharge is more fluid and has no unpleasant smell and is colorless.

How does the abdomen change in the second week of pregnancy?

As pregnancy 2 weeksis not a significant period to provoke external changes with the woman’s body (in particular the belly). As mentioned earlier, there may be a slight bloating of the abdomen, but this is not considered a clear sign of an interesting situation.

2 week: What happens to the fetus, pregnancy diagnosis

In this period, the blastocyst (embryo rudiment formed after fertilization) is already attached to the uterine wall and began its development. Earlier it was said that the size of the embryo is small and does not exceed 1 millimeter in length, so a woman cannot feel it inside physically.

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

The second week of pregnancy for the embryo marks the beginning of the active development phase, as the number of cells grows tirelessly, forming the basis of the future body of the little man. During this period, the rudiments of muscle, bone, and nervous system are formed.

The embryo during this period is still in the graaf vesicle, which is the protective shell of the fertilized egg. This shell not only protects the forming embryo, but also ensures its vitality while the woman’s body prepares for a full pregnancy.

The future baby is a set of cells, that is, genetic material given by the parents. Outwardly, it has nothing in common with the embryo of the human body yet, and its size does not exceed the size of a poppy seed..

Helpful hints and tips

There are really no special or categorical recommendations for such a small period. But the future mother, knowing about the beginning of the process of giving birth to a new baby inside her, should take care of her own health. We’re not talking about bad habits and wrong lifestyle, because you already know how this can threaten the developing embryo.

2 weeks of pregnancy: first signs and feelings, what happens in the second week of pregnancy

Even if signs pregnancyare not obvious and there is no reason to worry, it is not unreasonable to use these tips:

  1. Take care of your body, trying to note the slightest changes or manifestations of your interesting situation. But it is important to monitor your own physical condition at any time of life;
  2. Get into the habit of paying attention to your emotional state, and if you feel anxious, practice calming practices (e.g., meditate or just read a positive book with a cup of tea);
  3. Consider how much water you drink and what foods you eat-now is the time to make your diet more proper and high quality. If necessary, try to change your eating habits, avoiding unhealthy and heavy foods;
  4. Include outdoor exercise into your routine – doctors recommend that pregnant women walk at a moderate pace twice a day. Remember, going to the store with heavy bags is not for you;
  5. Also in this period you should start doing moderate physical activity, especially if you have not previously paid attention to sports. It is not always convenient or possible to visit a fitness center, but you can always do gymnastics at home;
  6. Take vitamins that are good for the body of the future mother. However, do not overindulge in food supplements; take only what your doctor prescribes.
  7. Do not self-prescribe any drugs, give yourself a diagnosis or something like that. Also do not dwell on your condition and do not get wound up, on the contrary, think positively. But at the slightest deterioration of your health you should see a doctor, remembering that you are now responsible for more than just yourself.

If you are suffering from episodes of nausea, do not panic and start taking complex medications. Such symptoms occur most often in the mornings and, as a rule, at a later date. To cope with the discomfort can be relatively simple – some water, drank in small sips, or deep breathing through the nose with exhalation through the mouth. There is also a harmless folk recipe – decoction of dried apples, which you can drink regularly without fear for your health and the health of the unborn baby.

With the fact that the second week coincides, as a rule, with the period of ovulation, there is an increase in sexual desire for a partner – this has already been mentioned above. It is worth understanding that such a process is completely normal. It is not necessary to deny the satisfaction of the natural needs of the body, but it is necessary to carefully monitor your sensations. If you feel discomfort or pain after intimacy with your partner, you should immediately consult a doctor.

When pregnancy is planned and you are certain that you carry a rudiment of new life in you, it does not hurt to engage in self-development. Today there is a lot of literature and courses for expectant mothers, which will not only teach young women about motherhood, but also prepare her morally.

It is worth repeating the importance of a positive attitude, which can be realized by yourself. For this purpose, you can use not only reading and meditation, but also a pleasant conversation in the family circle. It is especially important to protect yourself from negative emotions.

This period should not be spent on unfounded doubts or fears. For the mother-to-be, the beginning of the miraculous state should be spent on reevaluating her life rhythm and accepting the fact that another life now depends on her. The 2nd week is a good time to change your habits and routines, thereby ensuring the proper development of your baby.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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