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15th week of pregnancy

Moms-to-be can proudly mark 15 weeks of pregnancy on their calendars because they have already arrived at this term. The baby continues to develop, and mommy is diligently preparing for her future role. And we will try to tell you about the main events and moments that will occur in this term.

The 15th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

The baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy continues its development at its own pace. As a rule, at this term, facial features continue to form – they become more pronounced and clearer. Ear shells are enlarging, and hair growth lines are forming on the forehead and nape of the neck. Some babies already have their first hairs in these areas at this stage.

15th week of pregnancy

In addition to the hair on the head, eyelashes, and eyebrows, tiny hairs appear all over the fetus’s body – this hair cover is called lanugo. The skin is still very thin, almost transparent, and the blood vessels underneath are very well visible. So far, a small and still forming a heart pumps about 23 liters of blood.

It is worth noting that the back of the fetus is straighter, which makes the head gradually move away from the chest.

Fetal size at 15 weeks of pregnancy

The baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy is about the size of a large grapefruit. The fetus is about 18 centimeters tall and can already weigh up to 160 grams.

The active growth of the fetal body contributes to the growth of movement activity. Through active movements, the baby explores the world, which is still limited to the mother’s womb. The baby’s posture still resembles an auricle, but the arms and legs as well as the head are actively moving.

15 weeks of pregnancy: feelings

At 15 obstetric weeks of pregnancy, some women may experience the most important and desirable sensation – slight tremors inside. This may occur in those women who have a fragile build or have already delivered their second child or more. Also, the timing of the thrusts depends largely on the activity of the baby.

15th week of pregnancy

In general, the sensations of a pregnant woman at this term are quite normal. As a rule, nausea, sensitivity to sharp smells and sounds almost completely falls. However, there are cases when such symptoms remain with a woman throughout her pregnancy.

Pulling sensations may appear in the lower part of the torso – this indicates a change in the position of the pelvic bones. Visually, the pelvis bulges slightly forward, which provokes muscle stretching, and with this comes painful sensations that can make it difficult to walk, sit or even lie on a comfortable bed.

Ultrasound at 15 weeks of pregnancy

Most often in the ultrasound examination at this term is not required. However, during an ultrasound examination, the doctor and the pregnant woman can see that the baby is already actively moving and developing.

The specialist will be able to determine the size and approximate weight of the fetus. It is also already possible to find out the sex of the baby, if it is not shy, that is, it will be in a good position at this time.

What happens to a mom’s body in the 15th week of pregnancy?

15th week of pregnancy

At 15 weeks of pregnancy the figure of a woman in an interesting situation begins to change, and these changes become quite noticeable, and if we talk in more detail:

  • The belly begins to round out, but the belly at 15 weeks of pregnancy in the obese or rapidly gaining weight has become noticeable even earlier. So far, the roundness is located quite low, which allows you to disguise your interesting position for the time being;
  • Due to the appearance of a new player in the hormonal background, which is called relaxin, the figure gets rounded shapes. Also this hormone softens the joints and discs, but strengthens the pelvic and pubic bones – they become only 5 millimeters thicker, but this process can cause some pain;
  •  Also notice some changes and in the gait – it becomes like a duck’s gait. These changes are provoked by changes with the pelvic bones, as well as a change in their position;
  • Stretch marks appear on the body (chest, abdomen, thighs) as the skin changes and stretches.

The 15th week of pregnancy: what to pay attention to

15th week of pregnancy

You have already learned what happens in the 15th week of pregnancy with the baby and the mother’s body, but this is not all that you should pay attention to. A pregnant woman should be very attentive to her own health. For this purpose, it is useful to keep a pregnancy diary, in which you should note not only the term, but also other important points – for example, the schedule of the day, diet, changes in sensations and so on. Recording symptoms will help to diagnose possible health problems later.

Many pregnant women at this age face a problem that manifests itself in absent-mindedness and a feeling of constant fatigue.

15th week of pregnancy

The consequences of absent-mindedness can be dealt with by the above mentioned pregnancy diary, which will help you to control all areas of your life throughout the entire period of pregnancy. As for the feeling of constant fatigue, doctors can give several recommendations:

  • Follow a regimen in which you clearly specify the time for work, rest, meetings with friends, up to the number of hours for sleep;
  • Do not give up walking in the fresh air – walking at a moderate pace without additional physical exertion helps to saturate the body with oxygen, which is so necessary for you and your baby;
  • Start your day right – be sure to follow the rules of hygiene, eat your breakfast, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables on a mandatory basis;
  • The right attitude will help you throughout the day and further term of pregnancy to maintain the necessary vigor and good spirits.

Some pregnant women complain that they do not get enough sleep during the night – this may not be so much about insufficient hours of sleep, but more about the poor quality of the bed. The required amount of time to sleep is about eight hours. If you are sleeping less, you should make changes to your routine.

If you are getting the amount of time you need to sleep, your sleeping space is probably worth upgrading. This will require a better mattress, pillows, and linens. Some pregnant women feel more comfortable resting on a special pillow, which is designed to create support for the body during sleep.

The 15th week of pregnancy: what you need to discuss with your doctor

15th week of pregnancy

Ask the doctor who sees your pregnancy when you will feel your baby. He will probably explain to you that at 15 weeks‘ gestation the movement is not a necessary sign at all, because every body is different. Also, every woman has a different set and pregnancy may not be her first.

It is definitely worth informing your doctor about the pain that appeared during intercourse, if you continue to have intercourse at your usual rhythm. You should ask about the causes of such sensations. Most often it is triggered by symphysiopathy, which is also accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the pelvis and frequent urination. This phenomenon is caused by a number of concomitant causes, such as short intervals between pregnancies, excessive weight, etc.

15th week of pregnancy

You should also consult a specialist about the occurrence of such a symptom as cramps. This phenomenon can cause quite a lot of discomfort, and also poses quite a serious danger to the fetus itself inside you. Cramps can indicate a lack of nutrients in your body, particularly protein, which is essential for the baby to develop normally.

Why the toxicosis does not recede – it is worth clarifying this point if you are still experiencing persistent or intermittent nausea. Your doctor should check if you have any chronic diseases of the cardiovascular or digestive system, which may worsen during pregnancy and manifest themselves with similar symptoms.

Many couples ask the question – is it possible to have sex during pregnancy (at week 15 in particular)? Such a question is reasonable to address to the doctor, who will most likely say that intimate life during pregnancy is not prohibited, if both partners feel the need and do not experience any type of discomfort.

The 15th week of pregnancy: tips

Although feelings at 15 weeks of pregnancy are quite normal, and sometimes very good, a woman in an interesting position should not relax. As before, she should try to eat right. Be sure during this period to eat products with a high content of calcium, and food supplements with this element will not be superfluous.

15th week of pregnancy

It is also very important to drink plenty of water during this period to avoid lack of hydration. However, many women say that with an increase in the amount of fluid they drink there is swelling, which can bring a lot of discomfort. Experts point out that edema most often occurs not only because of the large amount of water drunk – for example, swollen feet may be a consequence of wearing tight-fitting shoes.

It is very important to eat right throughout the pregnancy.

Proper nutrition for pregnant women is not only eating healthy foods, but also observing a certain frequency and moderation in portions.

It is very important for women in this stage of pregnancy to eat as healthy food as possible, and portions should be small, but you should eat often – this will save you from a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, occasional nausea and similar phenomena.

It is also very important to stay physically active. By this should not be understood that you need, as before pregnancy, to visit various institutions, work with the same intensity and similar things. However, it is strongly undesirable to give up daily walks, because for your health and the normal development of the fetus inside you need fresh air.

Prepare yourself for an easy birth. To do this, you should not only follow all the doctor’s recommendations, but also pay attention to your physical form. Slight physical activity in the form of special exercises for pregnant women or yoga will be very useful, because it will prepare your muscles for the upcoming serious strain. In addition, various sets of exercises help to reduce pain from stretching muscles in the pelvic area.

The 15th week of pregnancy is a good time to start thinking about what the baby’s room will be like, what things he will need, and naturally you.

It is still a little early to buy things and toys, but it’s time to learn more about the specifics of caring for a newborn. You can get acquainted with this information in the relevant literature, as well as on thematic courses, which have recently become quite popular.

15th week of pregnancy

We also want to advise you to communicate with people close to you – this will allow you to maintain emotional stability throughout the pregnancy. It is very important not to withdraw into yourself, especially if you have reasons for anxiety or fear. Many pregnant women attend special courses or chat online with other expectant mothers – such an activity can be a good alternative to visiting a psychoanalyst.

If you have not yet engaged in changing your style of dress, now is the time to think about this issue. Because of the slightly increased abdomen in 15 weeks of pregnancy can be quite problematic to wear tight pants, which can even harm you and the baby. You should more often wear looser clothes made of quality fabrics, which gently surround the body, which allows you to hide your interesting situation in some way. We advise you to be very careful when choosing underwear – this will allow you to feel not only more comfortable, but also more confident.

The 15th week of pregnancy: questions and answers

Pregnancy is an amazing condition that never ceases to amaze even doctors and scientists. What to say about pregnant women themselves, who try to get to know their bodies in a new and completely atypical state.

A lot of useful data can be given by specialists-doctors, carrying out routine examinations. Some information can be obtained from more experienced women – for example, your own mother or a friend. And we’ll answer some questions for you right now.

Is it possible to feel the baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

As a rule, you can feel the first movements inside the mother’s womb only closer to 20 weeks. However, skinny pregnant women can already feel some kicks and pushes. Women who are not carrying their first child feel the first tremors of the baby as early as the 14th week.

Where is the uterus at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

In proportion to how the fetus develops inside the womb, the uterus grows and changes its position. At this stage, the uterus is below the umbilicus, about 7.5 cm below.

What is the baby doing at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

At this stage, in addition to growing and actively moving, the fetus is learning to swallow. Swallowing amniotic fluid trains not only innate reflexes, but also kidney function.

What happens at the 15th week of gestation?

The baby at this term continues to develop according to nature’s calculated plan. The first hairs may appear, facial features continue to appear, its weight and size are steadily increasing.

15 weeks of pregnancy is how many months?

According to the terms 15 obstetric week of pregnancy is about the middle of the fourth month. Just recently the second trimester began, and the future mother will still have a lot of time to enjoy in all senses of her situation.

Is it possible to determine the sex of the baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

It is quite possible to determine the sex of the baby at this stage, since the external genitals are already formed. However, specialists consider screening at this stage just to determine the sex of the baby somewhat unreasonable. Usually an ultrasound scan to determine the sex is performed by 18-19 weeks.

Why does my lower abdomen ache at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

Moderate pain in the area of the uterus in 15 weeks of pregnancy is quite acceptable, as the muscles in this area continue to stretch. There may also be discomfort in different parts of the body, which is more like fatigue. In case of more acute, spasmodic or regularly recurring pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, you should immediately contact your doctor or call an ambulance.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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