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14th week of pregnancy

If you keep a pregnancy calendar, you will see – it has already been 14 weeks of pregnancy. Exactly one week ago the second trimester began, and there are many processes in the development of the baby that are still going on. What the future mother should pay attention to – we should talk about this in more detail.

The 14th week of pregnancy: how the baby is developing

14th week of pregnancy

The fetus at 14 weeks of pregnancy is still very fragile and small. It has almost transparent skin, thin limbs, and a tiny body. If we talk about specific changes and processes in the baby’s body, the following should be noted:

  • The nervous system with its main center the brain develops very actively – nervous connections are strengthened, the basic reflexes are laid and much more;
  • On the tiny face of the baby in the 14th week of pregnancy appears a lot of grimaces – it can be noted that conscious facial expression is not yet, and this phenomenon can be explained by the nervous system in response to the reactions of the mother;
  • On the face also appear fluffy hairs in the area where the eyebrows will be, and the first eyelashes appear on the eyelids;
  • Fat is forming under the skin, and sweat and sebaceous glands continue to form;
  • Two new hormones, testosterone and estrogen, appear in the baby’s body, but their amounts are insignificant;
  • The main event is the beginning of the formation of the endocrine system and its organs.

The innate reflexes of sucking and swallowing continue to improve. The baby periodically swallows amniotic fluid, recognizing more and more flavors and thus training the excretory system. It is also worth noting that the periods of activity gradually increase, but the baby is quiet most of the time for now.

Fetal size in the 14th week of pregnancy

14th week of pregnancy

The baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy can be compared in size to a large apple or a small coconut. More precisely, that is the height is 15-17 centimeters, and the weight is about 100-120 grams.

Body proportions are already almost normal, but the body continues its changes and metamorphosis. For all processes to go smoothly, mom-to-be should already feel fully responsible for it.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks of pregnancy

At an ultrasound 14 weeks pregnant mom-to-be can already reliably know the sex of the unborn child. It is also possible to mark the outline of the fetus more clearly. However, the doctor is more interested in the level of development and the course of pregnancy, so the specialist examines the position of the fetus, its size and more.

14th week of pregnancy: feelings

14th week of pregnancyAs a rule, feelings in the 14th week of pregnancy are excellent, but this is not the case for all women. A woman can experience quite a variety of sensations, for example:

  • Frequent urge to urinate may be less disturbing at this term, but may only become more frequent;
  • Blood volume increases, which greatly improves the appearance of the pregnant woman – so many people notice that women in the interesting position just shine from the inside out;
  • Nausea at 14 weeks of pregnancy in most cases recedes. If the toxicity increases, it is worth discussing this point with the doctor, because this may indicate some problems;
  • Tightness in the abdomen – this indicates digestive problems that have occurred since the time when the pregnant woman’s body began to produce progesterone. A woman may suffer from heartburn, constipation, and bloating, but this can be managed quite easily by reviewing her diet;
  • During this period there may be thrush, which is nothing to be afraid of, because everything can be eliminated by taking a few special medications.

The best part for those who are not pregnant for the first time, at 14 weeks you can already feel the first kicks of the baby. However, for those women who are expecting their firstborn, they will feel these nice kicks only by 16-18 weeks.

What happens to a mom’s body during the 14th week of pregnancy?

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s shape changes noticeably – she becomes more rounded. Because of the weight gain (about 6-7 kilograms more than the standard weight), stretch marks may appear on the body. Stretch marks appear on a rounded belly, breasts that have grown a couple of sizes and very feminine thighs, but do not get upset, because the woman can cope with these traces after delivery if she keeps to a diet, follows the regime and makes special procedures.

14th week of pregnancy

Due to a more active blood circulation, a woman may notice that her hair becomes thicker and healthier. The color and condition of the skin also significantly improves, which others cannot help but notice.

Regarding the size of the abdomen in the 14th week of pregnancy, many women may remain quite slim. However, the pregnant woman herself and her partner may notice some increase and thickening in the lower part of the abdomen.

The 14th week of pregnancy: What to pay attention to

The most important thing is to monitor your own health and feelings. Fear for the fetus and your own life is worth it when there were bloody discharge during pregnancy 14 weeks – this is a dangerous sign. At such a sign, you should immediately contact your doctor or call an ambulance.

14th week of pregnancy

It is worth changing your daily routine and activities if you feel tired, dizzy, or drowsy. There may also be intermittent pain in the lower back – if the pain is not severe, there is no reason to worry. Painful sensations may arise from stretching of the pelvic muscles.

It is important to watch your body temperature. A sudden rise in temperature may indicate that there is a serious threat to pregnancy. It is important to remember that it is dangerous to take medicines against fever at your own initiative without your doctor’s knowledge.

The 14th week of pregnancy: What to discuss with your doctor

14th week of pregnancy

The most important question to ask your doctor is what are the risks at 14 weeks of pregnancy? There are quite a few risks for pregnancy during this period. For example, a simple infection or even a cold can be considered a rather serious threat to the pregnant woman and the baby in her womb.

You should also ask what vitamin complexes you should take at 14 weeks of pregnancy. Due to the fact that the baby’s endocrine system (including the thyroid gland) is formed during this period, the mother should take iodine.

At a consultation with your doctor, you should ask about sexual intercourse. If you are concerned about your own variable sexual appetite – an enormous desire for sex alternates with a complete aversion to sex. Such a change in sexual need and desire is quite normal. But more often pregnant women have increased lust, but concerns about safety can impose a lot of inhibitions.

The 14th week of pregnancy: tips

14th week of pregnancy

As a rule, the 14th week of pregnancy for a woman does not bring the more familiar nausea, vomiting and similar symptoms. However, you should not relax, because changes are still going on in a woman’s body. You should consider a few useful points that will greatly improve life for the pregnant woman:

  • Monitor your diet carefully. You should remember that the fetus in the 14th week of pregnancy and until its resolution is related to the mother’s body, because nutrition and breathing depend on it. It is important to fill your diet with the most healthy, at the same time light and nutritious meals. Be sure to include in your diet vegetables, dairy products, fruits, lean meat and fish;
  • Try to keep your usual activity. Do not overexert yourself, such as jogging or frequenting the gym, but moderate exercise will be very helpful. Evaluate the classes of yoga for pregnant women, breathing exercises or just take regular walks outdoors. Swimming and Kegel exercises are very useful;
  • Take time for yourself. Because of the stretch marks may have some complex or doubts about their own attractiveness. To avoid this, you should start doing special procedures, using masks, ointments, gels and other special cosmetic products that will help keep the skin supple and smooth;
  • Do not close yourself off. Pregnant women often have unpleasant thoughts caused by worries and fears – it is not worth it to keep to yourself. If there is a need to visit a psychologist who will listen and give some useful advice on how to cope with such manifestations of an unstable condition. Most often, however, going to a specialist will not be necessary if you can talk to your loved ones.

Because of the growth of the uterus in the 14th week of pregnancy, a woman may already feel some discomfort wearing clothes that are too tight around the chest and abdomen. As a rule, by this time a woman is already looking for her closet, putting off tight things and replacing them with looser ones. We advise to choose versatile items from reputable companies that specialize in sewing clothes for moms – expectant and established.

An important issue – the relationship with the father of the child. During this period, and throughout pregnancy from conception, it is incredibly important for a woman to feel the support of her loved one. Many experts note that having a comfortable and loving relationship with the father of the child has a positive impact on the well-being of a pregnant woman and the development of the baby.

The 14th week of pregnancy: questions and answers

Pregnancy at 14 weeks is still a short time, as it is for human life. However, a lot of important processes have passed for the baby and her mommy, but even more remain ahead. And every woman, especially those expecting their first-born, has a lot of questions in her head, and she wants to get answers immediately.

14th week of pregnancy

Some questions can be answered by the doctor who supervises the pregnancy. Others can be answered by talking to your parents or friends. Particularly inquisitive pregnant women are always looking for useful information in books, thematic films and forums. For some questions you will find the most concise and clear answers right now.

Is it possible to feel the baby at 14 weeks?

In the belly at 14 weeks of pregnancy is already quite a large fetus in size, but feel its thrusts in most cases, but there is an exception – women who are carrying the second or more children can feel their baby inside. Most often these nice tremors will be felt at 16-18 weeks. However, it is worth remembering that every body is different.

What should be the abdomen at 14 weeks of pregnancy?

There is no definite norm in this regard, because every body is individual. In most cases, a woman looks like she has put on a little extra weight. In cases of multiple fetuses, the abdomen at 14 weeks of pregnancy may have a fairly pronounced bulge in the area just below the level of the navel.

Where is the fetus at 14 weeks of pregnancy?

The fetus is still located in the lower abdomen, but gradually its position changes – it moves upward. The location of the baby is indicated by a slight increase in the abdomen. In some cases, the expectant mother herself can palpate the uterus through the front wall of the abdomen (in the area of 10-15 centimeters above the pubic line).

What happens to the baby in the 14th week?

The baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy in the womb is actively moving and developing. Grimaces appear on the face, the baby touches his hands to the face and changes position in the amniotic fluid. Such activity can be explained by the build-up of muscle mass and the development of all internal organs.

The 14th week of pregnancy – how many months?

Obstetric week 14 of pregnancy is the second week of the fourth month of pregnancy. It is also worth noting that this period begins the second trimester.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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