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13 week of pregnancy

You have already reached 13 weeks – pregnancy has reached the beginning of the second trimester. The woman is already fully aware of her own condition and has entered the so-called “honeymoon period of pregnancy”, when she (theoretically) should not be disturbed by the typical symptoms. However, you should not relax, because you have a huge responsibility for yourself and your child.

Fetal size in the 13th week of pregnancy

The baby at 13 weeks of pregnancy has already made quite impressive progress. Its height is about 14 centimeters, and its weight is about 70-80 grams. However, the fetus is growing quite rapidly, so it does not stop changing.

13 week of pregnancy

Inside his body, changes are also constantly taking place. Systems and organs are undergoing a kind of trial run – the body is learning to work smoothly and perform all the proper functions. Visually, the baby is already very similar to a little man, and by the way, very mobile, which can already be noted during an ultrasound scan at 13 weeks of pregnancy.

What happens to a mom’s body during her 13th week of pregnancy?

Such a term cannot be called large enough for a woman’s body to indicate the position too obviously. However, you can already notice some increase in the abdomen at 13 weeks of pregnancy – the lower part is thickening and may show some enlargement.

It is also worth noting that the uterus in the 13th week of pregnancy is increasingly moving toward the middle of the abdomen. Because of this, a woman may feel significant pressure on the intestines. This is most pronounced in those who are lucky enough to have multiple pregnancies.

13 week of pregnancy

Expectant mothers may be worried about swelling – it appears on the face, legs (especially feet). This phenomenon is quite common, but there is no need to worry, because the baby is not threatened. However, you should wear comfortable shoes, follow the daily regime and drink a normal amount of water.

Also, a woman and her sexual partner may notice the appearance of stretch marks on the body. As a rule, such traces are visible on the breasts (appear first), on the hips and in the abdominal area. All this happens because the skin stretches in accordance with the growth of the fetus inside the woman. In addition to stretch marks, some women may have pigmentation, but only those who are predisposed to such physical phenomena.

13th week of pregnancy: pregnancy symptoms

One of the most striking symptoms is copious discharge at 13 weeks of pregnancy. Vaginal discharge is beneficial because it protects a pregnant woman’s genitourinary system from bacteria and infections. The discharge may be colorless or white without a pronounced odor, and this is considered normal.

There may be some surprises in digestion – heaviness, heartburn, intolerance of some products. Sometimes there is nausea in 13 weeks of pregnancy, which, however, is not as frequent as in the first trimester. Rather often pregnant women experience such a problem as constipation, so you should be very careful about what goes on the table, what quality and in what quantity it is consumed.

13 week of pregnancy

Changes in sexual activity – a decline in interest in a partner may be changed by an acute desire. Such a “roller coaster” is quite normal, because the hormonal background of a pregnant woman is still not normalized. By the way, hormones affect many processes and phenomena in the body of a pregnant woman.

Approximately at the age of 13 weeks of pregnancy from the mammary glands may appear whitish discharge – it is colostrum. For pregnant women, this phenomenon is considered normal, because the body is preparing for a period of lactation.

13th week of pregnancy: what to watch out for

The 13th week of pregnancy is a good time to let your surroundings know that you are pregnant. It is especially important to think about changing your work schedule, and it is also worth informing your bosses, so that they can start looking for a new employee for your maternity leave now.

13 week of pregnancy

You should also be more attentive to your daily routine in general, since many familiar tasks become difficult and arduous. You should be especially attentive to the observance of the regime, as you need to take care of normal sleep, rest and so on.

Another important point is to prepare for a long pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. Do not study too hard the relevant literature, watch videos or read blogs. Study yourself and look after yourself, read useful literature.

If you want to give birth as easily as possible, consider working on your pelvic muscles. You should not think out for yourself daily grueling exercises, enough to do basic exercises from those that are designed for pregnant women. We advise to pay attention to Kegel exercises, which can strengthen not only the pelvic muscles, but also the intimate muscles. About the essence of these exercises and how they are done you can learn from your doctor or in the relevant literature.

We also advise you to pay attention to your dreams and your sleep regime in general. You may notice that your dreams become clearer, more memorable or even colorful. This should not be considered abnormal, but stress or nervous tension during the previous weeks of pregnancy. If you are experiencing discomfort, you should probably consult a psychologist – you can do this online.

13 week of pregnancy

At this age, you should still be wary of diseases – even a simple cold. Long walks in unfavorable weather conditions should be avoided. Do not overcool yourself, and you should limit your stay in areas with large crowds of people, because there are potentially many bacteria.

We advise you to pay due attention to the issue of intimate life. You should talk to your partner about this issue together – have a normal intimate life or refuse sex altogether. You should carefully examine your own feelings and needs. It will also be important whether your partner has a desire or not, because men react differently to a pregnant woman – some feel more interested in a woman’s body, while others lose all interest.

13th week of pregnancy: what to discuss with your doctor

13 week of pregnancy

During a periodic visit to the doctor for a routine checkup, you should not waste time in vain, but ask the questions that worry you the most. We will not list all the questions that appear in the mind of every pregnant woman, but we will note only the most important ones (in our opinion):

  • Is it normal to feel pain at 13 weeks of pregnancy? Such pains are usually radiating to the lower back, which makes it somewhat difficult for a pregnant woman to move. Surely your doctor will tell you that if the pains are not characterized by their duration and significant intensity, they can be considered normal, but if there are severe painful sensations, there is a risk of pregnancy loss;
  • What is considered normal intensity of weight gain? In the second trimester 5.5-8.5 kilograms is considered normal. However, much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each pregnant woman, as well as her physical activity and the observance of dietary norms;
  • The presence of bloody discharge at 13 weeks of pregnancy – is it normal? In the normal course of pregnancy, vaginal discharge with blood should not be. Colorless or light-white, odorless vaginal discharge is considered normal. Any deviation from these norms may indicate microflora disorders, infections and other problems. Regarding bloody discharge, it is not considered uncommon, and also does not pose a clear threat to pregnancy, if you seek medical attention in a timely manner;
  • When should you go to the doctor or call an ambulance? You should definitely clarify with your doctor when you should consult a specialist for any sensations – such as sharp and frequent pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, exacerbation of toxicity, high fever, the appearance of atypical vaginal discharge, and so on;
  • Is it possible to have sex at 13 weeks of pregnancy? Sexual intercourse at all terms of pregnancy is not prohibited, but there are some important points to consider. First, the sexual partner must remember that the woman is in an interesting position, so extreme sex practices are forbidden. Secondly, if there is pain during intercourse, you should consult a doctor. Thirdly, very carefully observe the rules of hygiene, because the body of a pregnant woman at this time is very sensitive and susceptible to all infections and bacteria.

13th week of pregnancy: tips

The main advice in 13 weeks of pregnancy is to follow the rules of a healthy diet for pregnant women. It is very important to exclude from your diet those foods that cause bloating and constipation. These products include raw cabbage, beans, black bread and others. For normal digestion, you should include in your diet boiled beets, dairy products and decoction of dried fruits (especially dried apricots).

13 week of pregnancy

Physical activity should be kept, but it is not necessary to give excessive loads. It is enough to do gymnastics for pregnant women, spend enough time walking in the fresh air. It is also useful to practice yoga and breathing exercises.

Take care of a good and sufficient rest. The room where you plan to spend your rest hours should be well ventilated. Rest can be considered sleeping, reading books, listening to music, or doing pleasant things (such as creating art). It is incredibly useful for a pregnant woman to rest and take time for herself, because these activities help the woman to calm down, gather her thoughts and learn to understand her own body.

It is also worth paying more attention to your closet. Because of changes in the body due to the active growth of the fetus, you may feel uncomfortable with clothes that are tight around the body. You should take care of your own comfort, so wear loose-fitting clothes and properly selected high-quality underwear.

13 weeks of pregnancy: Questions and answers

Can I feel the fetus moving at 13 weeks?

The baby at 13 weeks of pregnancy is quite small (its size is about the size of a peach), so a woman can hardly feel it moving inside her. However, some expectant mothers notice some still faint tremors in the womb, but this is largely due to psychosomatic, that is, a woman wants to feel the movements of her baby.

What can be seen on an ultrasound at 13 weeks of pregnancy?

Ultrasound at 13 weeks of pregnancy expectant mother can already see her baby waving her legs and arms, turning the head and changing its position. The study at this stage helps the specialist to assess the development of fetal anatomy.

What does the mother feel at 13 weeks of pregnancy?

If you compare the first trimester in the middle, when toxicosis and other “charms” (as a rule), the 13th week brings with it quite a lot of positive things. The most important of these positive things is that you usually do not feel toxicosis anymore, rashes recede, there are pains, but they bring less discomfort. It is also important that a woman at this stage already feels like a future mother, and this gives you a moral and spiritual boost.

What changes are happening during the 13th week of pregnancy?

The main and major changes are mainly taking place inside – the fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy is actively developing, growing, its skeleton is strengthening, and almost all systems and organs are working at full capacity. Some changes are happening to the mother’s body, but so far on her not much notice her interesting position, but she feels 100% pregnant.

13th week of pregnancy is what month?

The 13th week of pregnancy is the beginning (first week) of the fourth month. This period also marks the beginning of the second trimester.


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