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1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

It is often heard that a woman in the first days of pregnancy does not feel any special signals that suggest special processes. But this is true only when the pregnancy is not planned. However, 1 week of pregnancy is not asymptomatic, especially in cases where a woman has previously prepared for conception. But to properly understand the symptoms and their causes, you need to be very good at listening to your own body.

To be able to properly understand your body, especially when it is preparing you for motherhood, read the information offered next.

First obstetrical week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

Pregnancy is quite a reason to rejoice, but the mother-to-be must understand that she is responsible not only for her own life, but also for the life of her baby, which is just emerging. Even in the absence of obvious signs (such as a growing belly), the mother’s body signals her condition and the changes that have occurred.

In obstetrics, the concept of “first week of pregnancy is considered conditional, because women are more focused on the first day of delayed menstruation and counted from it. It is also an important fact that it is difficult to determine the exact day on which the egg was fertilized.

If you look at conception as a process, it is quite complicated. First, it is worth noting that fertilization does not occur immediately after unprotected intercourse – it can happen on the third day. Second, very important are favorable conditions for the meeting of sperm and egg in one of the fallopian tubes. Third, the fertilized egg (zygote) must make its way to the uterus for the embryo to start developing – this occurs on about the fourth day. And only after these stages does the development of the new organism begin, that is, division.

To delve more into the concepts, the first week in terms of pregnancy is not one, there are two. One is called embryonic, because during this period, fertilization itself takes place and the fertilized cell follows it into the uterus, where the fetus will develop. The other is called obstetric, and during its time the fertilized egg is attached to the back wall of the uterus and the process of embryo development begins.

As for the symptomatology of such complex processes in the female body in the first seven days, the question is very controversial. But some signs can be identified – in this it is worth to understand in more detail. In the meantime, it is worth disclosing in a little more detail the question of checking pregnancy at 1 week and whether it is worth it at all.

How to check pregnancy at 1 week?

1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

At 1 week of pregnancy the unborn fetus consists of only a few cells, so it is almost impossible to establish this fact by obvious signs. If you are sensitive enough to feel changes in your body, you can rely on your own very subjective feelings.

But many expectant mothers want some confirmation that they are already in the position. Immediately come to mind are two ways to check – a home test and ultrasound procedure. However, do not rely on it too much. It is not unreasonable to look at these two methods of verification in a little more detail and assess their chances of success.


1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

Roughly what a pregnancy test strip is, almost all women know, and even many men. Modern tests come in different types, shapes and costs, but the principle of action is usually the same – the indicator under the influence of the fluid changes color, ie, stains a certain area. Such a reaction occurs due to an increase in hCG in the fluids of a woman during pregnancy.

It is not difficult to buy such a test, and in the instructions for use you can find a detailed description of how to perform the test. However, if you want to use it in the first week, having only a suspicion of pregnancy, the result will most likely be negative, because the hCG is not so high. It is more reasonable to use the test strips from the second week.


Ultrasound is usually only done at 3 to 5 weeks. This method causes more confidence than the test strip, and for this reason. However, there is a significant disadvantage – ultrasound diagnosis will not be able to see the embryo, the age of 1 week, because it is very small. Also a significant obstacle will be the very structure of the uterus, which at this point is changing, preparing to carry it to term.

From all of the above, we can conclude – to sign up for 1 week ultrasound is possible, but you will not get an accurate result. However, there are exceptions, when the gynecologist prescribes such an examination in early pregnancy, but for entirely different reasons (eg, to refute or confirm the development of ectopic pregnancy).

1 week: what happens in a woman’s body

According to numerous observations, pregnancy 1 week for most women passes unnoticed. However, certain changes in the body occur, even in the absence of obvious manifestation. Changes in the body occur primarily at the hormonal level, but because of the well-being of women do not notice these changes.

The most obvious process occurring in the body of the future mother is the production of chorionic gonadotropin, or more clearly HCG. This hormone is produced by the fertilized egg, and then it accompanies the further development of the embryo.

The most extensive changes take place in the uterus. From the beginning of the fertilization process, the uterus (or rather its mucous membrane) is prepared for the process of implantation of the zygote and the subsequent development of the embryo. The uterine tissue itself becomes looser, which is most optimal for the proper development of the embryo.

Certain changes in the first week also occur in the immune system as there is a need to protect the developing embryo. The changes in the biochemical reactions and the nervous system are not so noticeable, but only very sensitive women will notice such profound changes.

Woman’s feelings and signs of pregnancy in the 1st week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

1st week of pregnancy for most women goes without a trace, so not everyone can feel the beginning of a beautiful state. More often than not, some symptoms are noted, such as:

  • Mood swings – for example, elation can very quickly be replaced by complete depression and even panic for no reason. Experts call the cause of this a hormonal surge and huge changes in the body of a pregnant woman;
  • This same hormonal change may cause a significant change in taste and smell – for example, pregnancy even in the early stages may cause a predilection for previously did not seem pleasant tastes and smells;
  • Toxicosis (mild nausea) – this sign is quite rare during the first week. This happens quite rarely in the first week, so it could be mistakenly related to something you ate the night before or digestive problems;
  • Oedema – these changes are especially noticeable on the face and hands. This peculiarity may be explained by changes in the metabolic process;
  • In some cases, pregnant women may notice discomfort in the back in early pregnancy, which may be perceived as a consequence of other causes

One of the signs pregnancy on early terms can be considered an increase in skin pigmentation. This is especially noticeable in the appearance of freckles on the face. Some women may notice an increase in breast sensitivity, and in some cases, a discharge of whitish fluid (colostrum) may occur. This discharge from the mammary glands is a sign of the beginning of preparation of the body to lactation.

But the most first signs of pregnancy are changes in the vaginal discharge (secretion). Changes in the consistency and amount of secretion products of the female body. All this is due to a large amount of progesterone, which is secreted and serves to form a thick shell around the forming embryo. By the way, it is the increase in progesterone secretion that can slightly increase the body temperature.

If you were planning a pregnancy, that is, you monitor your menstrual cycle and intercourse exactly on the day of ovulation, then you have the opportunity to establish for certain the receipt of the desired result. A sufficiently accurate sign is the basal temperature. It should be noted that this method is suitable only for women who have no obvious violations of the menstrual cycle. A typical sign of pregnancy is a consistently high temperature after ovulation.

Signs of pregnancy 1 week: what happens to the fetus, diagnosis of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

1 week of pregnancy, the symptoms of which may not be traceable, is usually not controlled in any way by the gynecologist. The only exception is IVF fertilization, which is observed from the very first moment the fertilized egg is implanted. In other cases, observation by the doctor and direct registration takes place from about the second month.

Regarding the embryo itself, that is, the process that happens to it in the first week, we can say that it is a set of cells. However, the sex of the future child is already determined, because it depends on the chromosomes of the sperm that fertilized the egg. At this stage, it is not possible to distinguish the rudiments of fetal body systems formation.

Not all women can sense early on that a new life is developing within her. The most obvious and sure sign is hCG, which is released by the fertilized egg. This hormone is released only when the fertilized egg ends up in the uterus, where it attaches itself to the wall.

Good tips and tricks

1 week of pregnancy: the first signs after conception, feelings, symptoms, what happens to the fetus, ultrasound

First weeks of pregnancy, feelings may not tell you about the interesting situation, but the body is definitely preparing for the formation of the embryo. In view of this, the woman needs to make some adjustments to her regime, diet and also take into account some tips:

  1. Carefully monitor the medications you take. If you suspect that you are pregnant, it is worth refraining from increasing the dosage or taking medications that are not recommended for use by pregnant women;
  2. It is necessary to protect yourself from stress and difficult situations. Positive emotions will help the fetus develop properly, so it is worth to spend more time with friends, family, and expectant father.
  3. It is worth remembering that the body of a pregnant woman is quite vulnerable, because the immune system is quite weakened. It is recommended to limit contact with sick people, and for walks in cold weather to dress accordingly.
  4. It is desirable to change the diet – the expectant mother should reflect on the fact that now she is responsible for the formation of a healthy baby. Products rich in vitamins and trace elements must be included in the diet.
  5. It is necessary to try to walk more in the fresh air. It is recommended to be in the air at least twice a day. Walks should not be intense or difficult.

It is worth very carefully to his schedule, since there may be rapid fatigue, absent-mindedness and sleepiness. It is necessary to give adequate time for sleep and rest after significant physical activity. It is important to limit significant physical activity, because it can harm the forming embryo.

It is not forbidden to use additional medications aimed at maintaining immunity. Most often, special vitamin complexes and preparations with folic acid are recommended. However, you should not prescribe any medications on your own. If you want to help your body to properly prepare for pregnancy, you should contact a specialist who will help you find the best supplements. B vitamins, zinc, iodine and retinol are especially important for the body of a pregnant woman.

In the first week of pregnancy, there is usually no obvious need to use significant restrictions or significantly change your lifestyle. You should give up bad habits, but if you are planning a pregnancy in advance, limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages and give up smoking in advance.

The most common mistake of many pregnant women is to eat for two. This does not make any rational sense, because the quantity of food does not make much sense. What matters is the quality of food that the woman consumes. Do not overeat, and especially careful to eat fatty foods. You should also eat according to a schedule, dividing the amount of food over a day in 5-6 meals in small portions.

In the presence of signs of toxicity (usually manifested in the morning) is not recommended to use any drugs without a doctor’s advice. You can cope with unpleasant sensations by drinking fluids – it can be pure water or freshly squeezed juice.

In the presence of allergies (and the developing pregnancy can make the body more vulnerable), it is worth protecting yourself from irritants – for example, do not eat fruits and vegetables with allergens. However, you can always consult a doctor who will choose the safest anti-allergenic medications.

From the very first moment she becomes aware of her condition, the mother-to-be must realize and accept her changed state. Since changes occur not only on the physical level, but also in the nervous system, it is very important to take care of yourself from stress. If you have planned a pregnancy, you should tune in beforehand to the fact that soon your body will begin to change as the baby begins to develop in it.

Manjula Yulia Vladimirovna - obstetrician, 17 years of experience.
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